Technology in Warehouse Management Systems

Technology is at the heart of our third-party logistics services and represents our largest year over year capital investment.  Barrett has made millions of dollars in programming investments in optimizing our WMS workflows to meet the increasing service demands of Direct-to-Consumer, Retail & Wholesale customers.

We have been operating our WMS platform for over 10 years and have continually made process enhancements which has allowed us to process B2C and B2B orders with increasing accuracy and efficiency.

The order processing, fulfillment, and material handling activities at Barrett are powered by the Synapse WMS.  Synapse is a real-time, RF enabled warehouse management system that is the foundation for our operational excellence, in the areas of inventory accuracy, receiving accuracy, put-away, picking, shipping, audit, load accuracy, on-time pick-up, and on-time delivery.

Synapse has extensive capabilities, including omni-channel fulfillment business processes, RF tracking, real-time visibility via web portal, FIFO/FEFO processing, lot management, pick front replenishment, wave management, put wall interface, batch picking and automation in the form of autonomous robots within the warehouse to support B2C fulfillment programs.

Barrett Distribution is an early adopter and leading user of the Synapse software.  As such, we are actively involved with the Zethcon team in the software's on-going development and upgrades.

Managed EDI Services

Barrett has successfully integrated with well over 150 clients & business partners since our WMS (Synapse) was implemented.  We have extensive experience integrating to EDI Gateway providers including:  SPS Commerce, Amazon Web Services (AWS), DI Central and GXS, with ERP systems such as Sage, Microsoft Dynamics Navision, Infor, JDE, NetSuite, SAP, ApparelMagic, Oracle, MASS, and Quickbooks, as well as E-commerce sites such as Magento, Shopify, CommerceOne, and True Commerce.

Barrett provides managed EDI services supported by our team of IT professionals and through our proprietary integration software platform which enables us to electronically send business critical data in real time directly to our customer or directly to specified retail trading partners.

We have extensive experience integrating systems to create efficient flows, expanded information visibility and reporting, and can transfer file information in various formats such as XML, EDI, AS2, CSV, flat files, FTP, or email. 

We have also augmented our reporting capabilities with the deployment of Tableau Business Intelligence to allow our customers access to their transactional data which provides more tools from which to help our customers manage their business more effectively.

“Barrett has developed something really special with its NetSuite integration platform.
It’s the best I have seen and has delivered incredible value for our company.”
— CFO, Haircare Products Company