Our Vision

To Wow Our Customers, Partners, and Fellow Employees with Every Interaction

To realize this Vision, nothing is more important than building strong teams who are passionate about developing outstanding relationships, both within and outside the company.

Our product is fundamentally a service and ultimately, we are people serving people.  Our commitment to Continuous Improvement is to focus on making one thing better every day for our customers and employees.

Core Values 

Dedication to the Customer

We're driven by our vision to WOW our customers with every interaction.  We strive to be a company that aims high for its clients and delivers on its commitments every day.


Fostering trust with employees and our clients is pivotal to our success.  Customers partner with us because they trust our people.  Employees join our team because they know they will be treated fairly and given an opportunity to grow with the company.

Open and Honest Relationships

Effective two-way communication requires hard work.  At Barrett, that hard work is seen as a must-have so we can WOW our teammates and our customers.  "Open and honest" is a core value that is cited daily as we work to foster an environment in which honest, yet respectful, dialogue is the norm.

Always Better

In pursuit of perfection, we prioritize learning from setbacks.  Of course we measure performance to track progress, but more importantly, we focus on process improvements as well as coaching and leadership to get better every day.

Everyone is an Owner

Barrett Distribution is an open book company that shares financial results with its employees and allows them to benefit from the company's success when financial goals are achieved.  We strive to empower our teams to think and behave like an owner, which ultimately benefits our employees and our customers.

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