multiple warehouse case study

M.A. Gedney Company produces and markets pickles, condiments, dressings and preserves across the U.S., including Del Monte and Cain's products. M.A. Gedney Company is headquartered in Chaska, Minnesota and has been in business since 1881.  As M.A. Gedney grew, so did their needs for a structured framework for their warehouse locations.

Here were some of the challenges faced by M.A. Gedney Company:

  • Multiple domestic and international product origination points.

  • Just-in-time cross docking.

  • Varied and demanding consignee transportation delivery requirements.

  • Glass packaging requires skilled materials handlers.

  • Food grade warehouse standards.

  • Single point-of-contact for all warehouse and transportation services for all regional warehouse operations.

  • Consistent, reliable and predictable warehouse and customer service execution.

  • Closed-communication and reporting for all execution work streams.

With these challenges in mind, M.A. Gedney chose Barrett Distribution as their third party warehouse partner. One of the many applications implemented by Barrett Distribution was to develop a process to optimize inventory reporting for multiple locations to ensure the right product is positioned in the correct geography. Integrated transportation activity into a "one-touch" solution to streamline communications.

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