food logistics case study

Cold Storage and Food Companies and their 3PL partners play a crucial role in the global food supply chain. When it comes to managing the supply chain of our food supply, there is absolutely no margin for error. Timely and accurate delivery is just one key element. Having the resources and abilities to handle and maintain the quality and integrity of food products affects everything from your brand image, to your retail partners to the end consumer.

Temperature and humidity controls are vital for a variety of food products. A supply chain solution that addresses these areas can be the difference between losing a customer and creating loyalty. Having a logistics plan in place to store, transport and deliver your product under the ideal conditions while adhering to stringent and key regulations needs to be a priority.

Barrett Distribution Centers began working with senior supply chain and manufacturing management personnel for a leading US food product company, on a small introductory scale in 2008. Barrett quickly proved to be an asset to the operation, in terms of flexibility, accuracy, execution and superior sanitation practices and in 2010 opened a dedicated facility to support both inbound raw materials and packaging, and outbound finished goods. In 2011 Barrett’s operation in support of this important customer nearly tripled in size, prompting its move to a closer location to reduce lead times and transportation cost.

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