Retail Logistics case study

Best Buy is a multinational retailer of technology and entertainment products and services with a commitment to growth and innovation. The Best Buy family of brands and partnerships collectively generates more than $40 billion of annual revenue.

Despite the its’ size, Best Buy needed a consumer electronics logistics partner to help handle fulfillment in the Northeast part of the country. Best Buy needed a partner that was capable of packing and shipping electronic products to their customers efficiently and cost-effectively.

Because Best Buy sells of electronics, including camcorders, video game consoles, DVD players, DVDs, digital cameras, MP3 players and more, they needed to partner with a company skilled and experienced in consumer electronic fulfillment services. Fortunately, they decided to partner with Barrett Distribution Centers.

Barrett provides Northeast distribution and other outsourced supply chain solutions for all Best Buy major appliances including TVs, washers, driers, refrigerators, and ranges for the entire Northeastern region. We have developed a retail logistics case study on Barrett Distribution Centers and Best Buy Electronics for your reference. Discover the consumer electronics blueprint developed for Best Buy today.

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