What to Expect from the Next Wave of Supply Chain Improvement

There are times within a generation where sweeping advancements take place that improve our quality of life and the way we do things.  As technology continues to grow faster, these revolutions are now happening more and more frequently.  From the microwave oven in the late 1960s, to cable television in the 1970s, and the rise of smart phones over the past decade, improvements continue to come.  A similar pattern has occurred in the field of supply chain management.

Over last few decades there have been a number of “supply chain revolutions,” and just as with consumer goods and services, technology continues to provide advancements when it comes to fulfillment and logistics.  In a market where consumers have more access, information and demands than ever before, this supply evolution is much needed.  A recent article in Logistics Viewpoints outlines the next supply chain revolution and what it will involve.  Click the link to read about the latest supply chain revolution.