Auto part logistics case study

The automotive logistics sector is undergoing fundamental change as manufacturers and suppliers adjust to new technology. As new developments in technology change the way automobile engines and parts are created, the auto part supply chain will be forced to adapt.

As a leader in the 3PL auto parts sector, Barrett Distribution is continuously rethinking the business model to stay ahead of change. The Barrett Distribution experience within auto parts 3PL has provided the necessary insight to adapt to any challenges within this industry. One particular partnership was with a major automotive parts retailer.

Barrett worked with the senior supply chain management team at a major US retailer for more than 11 years with positive results. When key leaders from that group took up leadership of this major automotive parts retailer, they turned to Barrett Distribution Centers to bring fresh ideas to existing processes and again craft a custom supply chain solution for the operation, which the new team could leverage to improve services at the additional 20 locations run internally by the company, over time.

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