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How Can Analytics and Metrics Improve Your Supply Chain?

How Can Analytics and Metrics Improve Your Supply Chain?Have you ever stopped at a restaurant or a store for something very specific only to find that they didn’t have it?  This can be incredibly frustrating and by leveraging analytics, it can also be easily avoided.  By paying attention to what’s going on when normal demand and purchasing signals are lacking, these missed opportunities, for your business and your customers, can be avoided.  A recent article from Inbound Logistics details the different types of analytics that your supply chain can use to improve customer service.  Read the entire article by clicking here.

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3PL Retail Warehousing and Transportation: Making the Most of Your Space

3PL Retail Warehousing and Transportation: Making the Most of Your SpaceTo say that the way we do business has changed in the past few years would be an understatement.  The truth is, businesses across the board and across the globe have transitioned with technology to meet new consumer buying habits and demands.  The emergence of smartphones, tablets and cloud-based, subscription-driven programming (Netflix, HBOGo, Hulu, etc.) is forcing a shift for networks and cable providers.  Spotify and Pandora are also disrupting the music recording industry.  The truth is consumers are less concerned with owning an item as long as they have access to it.  They are willing to pay a smaller fee and forego the tangible good (CD, DVD, etc.).  This now even extends to retail outlets that are now operating in ways that weren’t even conceived 15 years ago. This is opening new opportunities for businesses to gain advantages on the retail fulfillment side as well.

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E-Commerce Fulfillment Solutions: Free vs. Speed

E-Commerce Fulfillment Solutions: Free vs. SpeedDuring the iconic scene from Back to the Future where Marty McFly performs a head banging, amp-kicking guitar solo that caught the 1955 teenagers off guard, it was quite clear that he didn’t understand what his audience wanted.  There is a lesson to be learned here 61 years later in the world of e-commerce.  One of the biggest challenges for e-commerce retailers is meeting the fulfillment and delivery demands of their consumers while staying competitive. 

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The Importance of Packaging for E-Commerce Fulfillment

In the increasingly competitive world of e-commerce, controlling costs is essential.  Remaining efficient while keeping operations costs down is what allows for lower prices and quicker delivery options.  While advanced software, warehouse automation and other technological elements are very important and helpful, one often overlooked aspect of e-commerce fulfillment is packaging, and this can be an expensive oversight.  A recent editorial in Modern Materials Handling discusses how costly packaging can be in your supply chain.  Read the article here.

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E-Commerce Fulfillment: The Advantages of Cloud, Mobile and Omni-Channel

Global B2B e-commerce is expected to eclipse over $6.5 trillion by 2020.  Yes that’s trillion.  In the shorter term, we’ve seen major retailers like Wal-Mart take a new approach and make a renewed commitment to their online platform.  The e-commerce momentum that closed out 2015 (Internet Retailer projected North American e-commerce sales of $375.89 billion in 2015) is only expected to increase more rapidly in 2016.  As this new market drives toward that $6 trillion forecast, there are three major factors that are garnering more influence when it comes to B2B e-commerce success.

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The Positive Outlook for Logistics in 2016

The Positive Outlook for Logistics in 2016With the beginning of each new year it is important to take a long range look at the landscape and attempt to understand what the next 12 months will have in store.  It is these forecasts and prognostications that help us to prepare accordingly for what is to come.  It is essential to pay attention to new legislation, economic trends and technological developments that help to bring the outlook for supply chains into focus.  DC Velocity’s 8th Annual Outlook Survey shows a bright forecast for 2016.  Read the entire logistics survey and learn more about what logistics professionals are expecting for the year ahead.

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Consumer Electronics Truckload Transportation and Fulfillment Trends

One of the most popular product sectors in recent year has been consumer electronics.  The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants showed that Americans spent up to 17% of their monthly mortgage on technology.  With such a demand for these products it’s no wonder that so many new competitors continue to emerge in this market.  It also is not surprising that e-commerce provides an ideal distribution platform for this industry.  With that being said, there are a variety of new trends developing around consumer electronics fulfillment and truckload transportation.  Here are a few.

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How to Achieve Fulfillment Center Sustainability

With more economic pressures and market volatility impacting businesses across all industries, creating initiatives to attract new customers and retain existing ones has never been more difficult. The rise of e-commerce and an increasing number of competitors makes finding differentiators and efficiencies all the more important.  One implementation that can achieve both of these goals is “going green”, or instituting sustainable measures. 

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Innovate Your Fulfillment Center

Innovation continues to drive many of the new advancements that we enjoy today.  In the past few decades alone, we have progressed from pagers to cell phones and now to smart phones, we have more computing power in our pockets than NASA did when they put a man on the moon.  Speaking of which, we put a man on the moon, now we have companies designing and testing retrievable rockets and making strides on a manned mission to Mars.  It is the constant motive to innovate that has led to the groundbreaking developments.  The same is true for business as it is in life, commercial innovations will lead to major operational breakthroughs.  What better place to begin than with your fulfillment center?  There are a number of strategies that can be implemented in the heart of your supply chain that will result in lower costs, higher efficiency and more accuracy.  A recent article from Multichannel Merchant outlines 6 ways to innovate your fulfillment practices.  Follow this link to read more about fulfillment operation innovations.

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Retail Omni-Channel Logistics: What Does Macy’s News Mean?

Sometimes when giant corporations make an announcement or negative information is made public it can essentially show that the “writing is on the wall” for the industry.  The accounting fraud perpetuated by Enron that made headlines in 2001 led the way for other major economic scandals from Worldcom and Tyco.  The recent news from Macy’s, while not scandal related, could signal lead the way for similar changes in their industry. The retail giant recently announced that they would be closing dozens of brick and mortar stores around the country.  However, while it could be assumed that this is a red herring for major retail outlets, quite the opposite is true.  In November and December of 2015 macys.com and bloomingdales.com had 17 million orders.  This was a 25% increase over the same time period in 2014.  A recent article from Multichannel Merchant details what Macy’s recent announcement means for the state of omni-channel logistics.  Click this link to read more about omnichannel logistics.

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Barrett Distribution Centers Named a Multichannel Merchant Top 3PL for 2016

Franklin, MA – January 7, 2016 – Barrett Distribution Centers has been named a Multichannel Merchant Top 3PL for 2016, part of a list of leading third-party logistics providers selected by the editors of Multichannel Merchant.

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Barrett Distribution Opening 2nd Fulfillment Center in New Jersey

Barrett Distribution Centers is excited to announce the opening of our second fulfillment center in Somerset, New Jersey.

We will begin operations in this "Class A, Food Grade" 140,000 SF warehouse in early 2016.

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