Sustainability in Third Party Logistics

Barrett Distribution's Commitment To Sustainablity

Barrett Distribution has invested in technologies to reduce our carbon footprint and do our part to preserve our planet for future generations. In 2012, we installed a 600 kW solar array on the roof of our headquarters in Franklin, MA.  Since that time, we have continually produced more energy than we consume, effectively reducing our carbon footprint to zero!

At Barrett Distribution, we are committed to sustainability, in both our own facilities and within customer solutions that we design and implement.  We have embraced several sustainability initiatives as we work to reduce the carbon footprint of our U.S. warehouse network. Our recent green measures have been recognized by various institutions and are listed below for reference.  

  • Solar panels in Franklin, MA which generate more than 6,000kw of power.
  • Innovative high efficiency LED DC lights and usage measurement dashboards reduce energy use.
  • Investments to bring the carbon footprint of our main distribution center to zero.
  • Modern fleet of fuel efficient vehicles and no-idle rules.
  • Recycling programs in all locations.
  • Motion detector lighting.
  • Natural lighting / installation of skylights.  
In recognition of our efforts, Barrett Distribution was named to 2012 GXT Green Honor Roll. GXT Green recognized twelve organizations that made significant contributions to sustainability efforts in their companies, their communities and to the global community. 
Barrett Distribution has made a significant investment to mitigate their carbon footprint and climate impact, an important element in Barrett's "blueprint for success." After installing a major solar panel installation at a key distribution center, Barrett is also finalizing other programs to bring that facility to a net-zero carbon footprint. This facility will serve as a pilot for Barrett distribution centers around the country. 
The recent green measures made by Barrett Distribution are listed below for reference. 



Green Warehousing in Franklin


Barrett Distribution Named to 2012 GXT Green Honor Roll 





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