specialty fulfillment case study

The fulfillment process for special, custom products is different from other industries as there are specialized requirements regarding the storing and transporting of these items. If your company has a specialized product that requires a skilled team of fulfillment experts, then it is best to find a third-party fulfillment center.

Belgium's Chocolate Source (formerly Belgium's Best Chocolates, Inc.) was established in 1998 with one mission, to bring the best chocolates from Belgium to the US market. Belgium's Chocolate Source is the exclusive importer of Nirvana Belgian Chocolates: a premium all-natural chocolate line including gourmet truffles, seasonal chocolate assortments in gift boxes, and artisanal gourmet specialties such as fruit jellies (pates de fruits) and all-natural marzipan, nougat and other specialties.

By partnering with a customer-centric and highly knowledgeable fulfillment center, Belgium’s Chocolate Source has been able to uphold their dedication to customer service and convenient delivery process. By using customized packaging the customer will always receive the quality that they expect in their purchase. The partnership between this company and their fulfillment center is integral to the success of the company and their online sales.

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