Continuous Improvement Through Material Handling Solutions

In support of our Continuous Process Improvement culture, Barrett teamed with Crown on a series of internal and customer specific projects that began with warehouse layout and design services and progressed through rack installations and delivery of the latest lift trucks from Crown which improved efficiency throughout our network. The Barrett Blueprint®, a proprietary program focuses on the ability to design and deliver customized supply chain solutions for specific customer needs.

            Supporting Our Growth with                                     Crown Equipment                     

“As Barrett has grown with new facilities all around the country, it could never have kept up with the volume it has taken on without the combination of Crown’s racking solutions and the RM equipment. The two go hand-in-hand. The exceptional performance of the reach trucks makes the racking work.”

Tim Barrett

Chief Operating Officer – Barrett Distribution

Increase Productivity

“There’s a difference between productivity and production. The customer doesn’t always care about how many units per hour, but they do care that I finish the job today and that RMD really improves our ability to complete the job every day.”

Arthur Barrett

President – Barrett Distribution

Comfort, Speed, and Power

“It’s hard enough finding good people these days. This is why we let the guys who are going to run them make the choice. They worked on other competitive equipment. They said they want to ride on the Crown PE.”

Lewis Frazer

Senior Vice President, Operations – Barrett Distribution

Layout & Design

“Our experience with Crown starts with the design. They always deliver a phenomenal design that squeezes in every last usable inch of the building and really optimize the space, which is critically important for a third party logistics operator like us.”

Arthur Barrett

President – Barrett Distribution


“Barrett’s growing a lot, and Crown’s been a huge part of that success. Crown has been part of every new facility we’ve opened. We’re very confident as Barrett continues to grow that Crown will be our partner for the long term.”

Scott Holthem

Senior Vice President, Customer Relations – Barrett Distribution

Avoiding Downtime With Maintenance

“We count on those vehicles to allow us to deliver for our customers, who expect nothing less than the best from us every day. Through the preventive maintenance programs that we have and the reliability of the equipment, it’s up and running when we need it.”

Tim Barrett

Chief Operating Officer – Barrett Distribution

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