3PL for the Health & Beauty Industry

Health, beauty, cosmetic, and personal care sector offers a wide variety of products that require expert handling and care. From a vast number of SKUs to climate control to the demand of e-commerce, order fulfillment has never been more important for one of the fast growing and most competitive industries.

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Health and beauty products are an image-driven category with an enormous array of products and SKUs. Some product variations are seasonal, so there are distinctive shades and product weights for different times of the year. Beauty and skin care companies are continuously promoting the latest trends with the help of celebrities, social influencers, and bloggers. Consequently, product demand can increase overnight which makes forecasting and meeting consumer expectations difficult. Companies must ensure the popular products are on the shelves and available for purchase before it is too late. Handling products to the point of sale is critical and requires timely and reliable transportation, storage, and distribution.

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How can warehousing & fulfillment affect the image of a health & beauty company?

In the health and beauty sector, image is everything. Details like how your product is placed in the box factor into the overall image of the brand. Customized kitting and packaging maintain your brand and enhances the consumer’s experience from order to delivery. It is also essential to ensure that these materials are handled and transported in a manner that prevents breakage or leakage. The companies that emphasize precaution in the packaging and delivery of health and beauty products will lift the overall image of the brand and will be rewarded by the consumer.

Beauty consumers want their hot product now, and they do not want to wait.
— Inbound Logistics - Paul Cali, director of North American logistics at New York City-based cosmetics and skin care company Avon
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The health and beauty industry is volatile. Today’s hot product is tomorrow’s old news. This fluctuation makes scalability crucial for companies in the health & beauty industry. Resources like strategically located distribution centers and experienced, knowledgeable staff can meet the needs of both manufacturers and merchants alike, ensuring that your consumers' expectations continue to be met.


Why is climate control so important in health & beauty warehousing?

Certain products require particular climate conditions, not only in the distribution center but during transportation as well. If an environment is too hot, too cold, too dry, or too wet, these products can become damaged. Moisture, for example, can make creams mouldy. Therefore, know-how in the sensitive handling of these materials is necessary and suppliers need to fit these requirements.