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Discover Barrett Fulfillment Services

Our Memphis fulfillment center offers capabilities to support your business in today’s competitive landscape, giving you the sustainable advantage you need to succeed. Select a fulfillment center that offers the infrastructure to support scalability, quality control, and metrics to measure success. Barrett Distribution’s Memphis fulfillment center maintains the following:

  • FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and AIB (American Institute of Baking) compliant with a superior rating
  • Warehouse management software for accurate tracking & processing
  • Metrics including cost-per-touch, shipping accuracy, picking productivity
  • Dedicated staff for pick and pack fulfillment and e-commerce fulfillment

Why Choose A Memphis Fulfillment Center

Memphis is the ideal geographic location for a fulfillment center with the strongest logistics and cutting edge technology. Our fulfillment center can easily access interstate highways, railroads, and the Memphis International Airport. Shipping costs are an important aspect to consider when choosing your fulfillment center. Your business can take advantage of efficient shipping routes and low shipping costs by choosing a Memphis fulfillment center. Contact us today and let our capable staff take care of you fulfillment needs. We will discuss your fulfillment and distribution needs and present you with the best options for your business.