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Leverage the Experience of Fulfillment Experts

As a trusted advisor to our customers since 1941, Barrett provides customized third party logistics, omni-channel distribution and direct-to-consumer fulfillment services for clients in the apparel & footwear, consumer products, health and beauty care, food and grocery and automobile parts industries.  We measure customer satisfaction through mutually beneficial relationships and the long-term value created with our customers.

"The people we work with at Barrett really care about the success of Vibram.  The Barrett team is focused on continuous improvement of our logistics, and enhancing our brand image in the eyes of our consumers and retail customers.  Their partnership and support have been critical to our rapid growth."

-Mike Gionfriddo, President/CEO -Vibram USA/FiveFingers

The value Barrett Provides comes in working with our customers to protect their brand and make their business operate more efficiently.  The level of engagement goes far beyond the basics of receiving, picking, packing and shipping-anyone can do that.

What has made Barrett successful is really listening to where the individual business owners "pain" is and then creating a customized B2C/B2B fulfillment solution for that specific need.  We don't ask a customer to fit into our program, we are flexible to meet the where they are and then build the right fulfillment solution from the ground up.

Barrett has invested in its people, technology and business processes creating a proprietary process methodology called "Barrett Blueprint ®" to strengthen our ability to design and deliver fulfillment solutions that are responsive to the needs of customers, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to leaders in online retail and consumer goods.

We have demonstrated that the right fulfillment & logistics partner will differentiate your brand in the marketplace.  Our ability to establish a solid operating platform will deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction & retention, control operating expenses and enhance your company's brand with accurate and timely order fulfillment that delights your customers.

It's Not Just a Box - It's Your Business

Contact Barrett today at 508-553-8800 or visit www.barrettdistribution.com to learn more about how Barrett Distribution Centers can create a customized solution for your B2C fulfillment, B2B omni-channel retail distribution or managed transportation programs.

Small Parcel Management 

Barrett Distribution utilizes the ProShip Multi-Carrier Parcel Shipping Software to ship domestic & international parcels via UPS (SurePost), FedEx (SmartPost), and USPS.  ProShip is a certified solution for all domestic & international parcel carriers and all service levels and contractual options are available for use.  ProShip offers real-time, transparent, rate shopping and carrier selection based upon a variety of business goals.  

ProShip is fully integrated with the Barrett WMS, Synapse, and as such, the parcel shipping process is a tightly controlled, predictable workflow.  There is no burden on the warehouse operator to type an address, order number, service level etc. – all operations which are common in many warehouses yet inefficient and introduce the risk of human error. 

The ProShip video link below provides additional information regarding the small parcel functionality we utilize in our fulfillment operations.


Why Barrett?

Large and small retailers rely on Barrett to manage the entire back-end operation for web stores and e-fulfillment.  From taking orders to managing inventory, we have the experience to continually deliver results. Count on our team for the attention to detail that creates a positive and memorable experience for your customers every time they order.  When it comes to building loyalty, growing repeat business and increasing e-commerce revenue, Barrett is your trusted partner.

Barrett Distribution has years of experience in pick and pack fulfillment. Products are received, sorted, and repackaged efficiently with state of the art warehouse management software (WMS). Orders are processed and tracked with meticulous attention to detail. By relying on our 75 years of experience, your company will save on shipping costs and can focus on the core competencies that make your business successful.

Call us today to discuss all of your pick and pack fulfillment needs.  We are eager to design a custom solution that will work for you and your business.  Click here.

Building an online storefront can be a cost effective method to connect customers with your product. Building the site is only half the battle; the other half is successfully transferring the goods sold to your customers quickly and effectively. In many cases committing to the huge capital investment of owning your own fulfillment center is unrealistic and unsustainable. E-commerce sales are a sensitive outlet because customers expect a high level of speed and accuracy. Often choosing to use a third party fulfillment center will aid your business to meet customer order needs while removing the need for huge capital investments. When selecting a fulfillment center to aid with E-commerce fulfillment quality assurance, speed and flexibility are paramount qualifications. A fulfillment center must be fully integrated with its e-commerce business customers for orders to be processed quickly and successfully. Accuracy and efficiency are two areas companies cannot afford to compromise. Using state of the art warehouse management software (WMS) in each fulfillment center allows for meticulous tracking and processing of each order. A third party fulfillment center aids customers to focus on their core competencies while saving money.
An area that is also overlooked is the flexibility of services that a fulfillment center may offer. A provider that is willing to offer value-added services, such as a product returns center, can really allow a customer to focus on their core business. A customer may not have the personnel or the time to run a returns function. A flexible fulfillment center can step in immediately to provide this capability, and give resources back to the customer. This adds value that is not easily measured by pure financial calculations.
A superior fulfillment center is flexible and will adapt to suit the needs of their customers. For many companies seeking a third party fulfillment center a tailored custom engagement is necessary. A strong relationship between a company and their third party fulfillment center is imperative for smooth order processing and fulfillment.
ISO 9001:2000 registration focuses on quality standards and continuous improvement in customer satisfaction through employee empowerment and measurement of key metrics. All of our facilities are food grade compliant with selected warehouses AIB (American Institute of Baking) & FDA (Food & Drug Administration) certified based on customer requirements.
Strategically choosing metrics to measure success is an important step in building a partnership and processes improvement. To fully understand the state of things a fulfillment center must use multiple metrics such as cost-per-touch, shipping accuracy, picking productivity in order to capture all aspects of the supply chain. The fulfillment center should also be accustomed to reviewing a customer’s account on a quarterly basis. This allows the supply chain to be more responsive to change, and in the end reduces the customer’s costs.