Warehousing Services: Meeting Increased Consumer Demands

Warehousing Services: Meeting Increased Consumer Demands

Consumer demands are evolving like never before; and developing technology is meeting, and fueling these demands.  The ability to search, shop, buy from anywhere means that businesses need to be more agile than ever.  One key position in every supply chain is the warehouse, and it is within these walls that the solution to new and expanded consumer demands can be found. 

E-commerce operations have many built-in benefits.  One is that they have significantly reduced overhead by not owning and maintaining any type of brick-and-mortar store front or fulfillment center.  This is where third party logistics providers can offer an immense value.  When considering a 3PL partner, it is important that they provide some of these services that will be critical to satisfying the new expectations of e-commerce shoppers. 

Real-Time Fulfillment Visibility

Real-time, accurate, and thorough inventory visibility is essential in the high velocity atmosphere of e-commerce logistics.  This visibility not only provides opportunities for cost-savings, but also ensures efficient and precise order fulfillment.  This is also a major element of the consumer experience.  Offering the ability for your customers to track their order through each phase of the supply chain has become a common expectation.  From fulfillment to shipping to expected delivery date and time, this information is as valuable for your customer as it is for your operation.

Brand Protection through High Fulfillment Standards

Arguably the most tangible part of your company’s relationship with your customers is the delivery of your product.  This is your brand and the way and condition in which it arrives at their doorstep is the ultimate interaction.  This is why it is so important to trust a 3PL that instills the highest fulfillment standards throughout the supply chain. 

Strong Transportation and Delivery Relationships

Last-mile delivery has become a big topic within the e-commerce supply chain.  It can make or break an otherwise flawless fulfillment.  Opting for a 3PL with strong transportation services or with solid relationships when it comes to their delivery partners can mitigate a lot of problems when it comes to lost items, damaged packages, and more.