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Retail Omni-Channel Logistics: Improving Warehouse Space and Fulfillment

Retail Omni-Channel Logistics: Improving Warehouse Space and FulfillmentThinking outside the box has become a cliché statement.  It’s still important but has become so overused it has almost lost its meaning.  However when it comes to warehouse optimization and supply chain efficiency, it may be the most appropriate thing to say.  Thinking outside of the box, specifically, what is under, over, and next to the box can provide the opportunity to address the speed and demand of omni-channel logistics.  Rack, shelving, and storage space has become the next frontier for fulfillment centers.  While it brings new challenges like maximizing space and worker safety, it also offers opportunities for new cost savings and efficiencies. 

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3PL Retail Warehousing and Transportation: Making the Most of Your Space

3PL Retail Warehousing and Transportation: Making the Most of Your SpaceTo say that the way we do business has changed in the past few years would be an understatement.  The truth is, businesses across the board and across the globe have transitioned with technology to meet new consumer buying habits and demands.  The emergence of smartphones, tablets and cloud-based, subscription-driven programming (Netflix, HBOGo, Hulu, etc.) is forcing a shift for networks and cable providers.  Spotify and Pandora are also disrupting the music recording industry.  The truth is consumers are less concerned with owning an item as long as they have access to it.  They are willing to pay a smaller fee and forego the tangible good (CD, DVD, etc.).  This now even extends to retail outlets that are now operating in ways that weren’t even conceived 15 years ago. This is opening new opportunities for businesses to gain advantages on the retail fulfillment side as well.

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Warehouse Management Systems: What Should You Consider?

Anytime you are thinking of making a large purchase, or an implementing a change that will affect your daily operation, there are a number of things that should be considered.  Whether it’s buying a car, putting in a pool or moving, there are financial and logistical elements that will influence your decision-making.  Will you get better gas mileage?  How will a pool influence your insurance policy? What will my commute be like if we move?  These are all very important factors.  The same is true when the time comes to implement or upgrade your WMS (Warehouse Management System).  A recent article from Modern Materials Handling outlines three questions you should ask when considering a WMS.  Read the article and find the answers here.

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Warehouse Fulfillment: 12 Things to Know

On a basketball court, each player has a unique responsibility on every play. From boxing out on rebounds to setting picks or screens, each player contributes to the success of his or her team. When executed correctly, the result matches the desired outcome, be it a basket, a rebound or a steal.   These same principles apply within the warehouse as well. And just as a basketball coach understands the X’s and O’s, the logistics and fulfillment branch of your organization should recognize the factors impacting warehouse management. Here are 12 helpful things to know that can enhance your warehousing strategy.

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