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3PL News: What 1st Quarter’s Retail Sales Mean for the Rest of 2016

It’s hard to predict how a movie will end after only seeing the first 30 minutes.  And a baseball game can change with the swing of a bat, no matter how the first three innings go.  However, with decades of data and trends, analyzing a year’s first quarter retail sales can provide some valuable insight to the state of the economy. 

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Retail Fulfillment and Delivery: The Last Mile Challenge

Have you ever had a day on the golf course where you are long off the tee, finding every fairway, striking your irons and knocking down pins; but when you step on the green everything changes?  Whether it’s the yips, misreading the break, or just plain bad luck, your putter won’t let you take that final step toward a birdie, or even a par on the scorecard.  Your supply chain could be feeling a similar frustration when it comes to last mile delivery. 

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Fulfillment Goals for the New Year

We are only a few days into 2015 and for most of us are hard at work, making sure our New Year’s resolutions do not fall by the wayside.  The goal of a New Year’s resolution is to improve oneself and a central theme typically revolves around health.  The most popular resolutions are to lose weight, stop smoking, have a healthier diet and spend more time with family.  Similar goals can (and should!) be set for your fulfillment operation.  Logistics Viewpoint recently published an article listing some important supply chain resolutions for 2015.  You can read them here.   

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3PL in the New Year: Fulfillment and Logistics Trends for 2015

As you look back on 2014, think about what your supply chain looked like a mere 12 months ago.  There is a good chance that many things have changed.  To help you prepare for a stellar new year, we have compiled 6 trends that will influence and challenge your fulfillment and logistics operations in 2015. 

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10 Supply Chain Predictions Put to the Test

People make predictions every day.  We predict the weather, political elections, sporting events and industry trends.  It is an exercise that helps us to plan for an otherwise uncertain future.  However, rarely do we hear the follow up from the people who make the predictions.  The weatherman does not apologize for every prediction he gets wrong (which is most of the time!).  Sportscasters do not apologize to bettors for not predicting an upset.  However, the good folks at Tompkins International made some bold predictions three years ago and are following up with the results.  Check out the “Top 10 Supply Chain Predictions” that Tompkins made in 2011 and see if they have a crystal ball!

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3 Trends Changing the Logistics Industry

As things change, at some point in time there are trends that help us forecast how point A will lead to point B.  In football, critical head and neck injuries have led to a drastic change in how the game is played.  This major transition in the game didn’t happen overnight, or even over a handful of seasons.  As players’ began suffering these injuries, more tests were performed, followed by curtailing the plays that led to these injuries.  Over a span of 10 years, trends emerged that led to new ways of coaching and a shift in the style of play.  Much like the game of football, the fulfillment and distribution industry is adapting to a changing landscape based on trends that simply cannot be ignored.  

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