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3 Ways to Streamline Reverse Logistics [Infographic]

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Omni-Channel Fulfillment: Three Ways to Improve Reverse Logistics

Going forward is fairly, well, straightforward.  Whether it’s driving or running; or something more involved like making an online purchase.  With the former you have vision and a direct, natural route to where you are going.  And with the latter, you are performing a familiar, explicit transaction.  But if you try and do either backwards, it easily becomes complicated.  This is especially true for reverse logistics and omni-channel fulfillment.  In fact, the typical forward logistics of managing these platforms and transactional demands can be a challenging ordeal, reversing it makes it even more complex. 

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Reverse Logistics for Clothing: Finding Cost Saving Opportunities

There’s an old adage in sports, specifically football, that “defense wins championships”.  The truth is that while defense is inherently important, the best teams are complete on both sides of the ball.  Any team that ignores one aspect for the other can doom their season.  The same is true when it comes to logistics.  A company that is solely focused on forward logistics with little strategy for reverse logistics can leave a lot of money on the table.

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Electronics Fulfillment: The Growing Role of Reverse Logistics

After a long spring and summer, football is finally back on the horizon.  NFL teams are in camp, preseason games are quickly approaching and this is the year you’ve finally decided to upgrade your viewing experience.  We’re not talking about season tickets.  This is better.  A brand new, 70-inch ultra HD television.  The gameday experience is going to come alive in your living room.  It will be as if you’re actually on the field. 

So the day finally comes.  The delivery truck has left your driveway and as you peel the box back you notice a crack that spans from one corner to the center of the screen.  Luckily for you, there are still a few days before the first game kicks off.  For the electronics retailer and manufacturer, this will be another component that enters the reverse logistics cycle.

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