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Online Apparel Fulfillment: What Do Consumers Want This Holiday Season?

Consumers have changed the way they shop, and with this change in behavior and expectations has arrived a landscape littered with loaded shopping carts.  Not literally of course, but digitally.  In fact, a BI Intelligence report shows that over $4 trillion worth of items are left in online shopping carts each year.  Why so much?  The top reason stated was due to unexpected shipping costs.  This holiday season, streamlined operations can result in reduced shipping costs and ideally higher online conversions. 

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Holiday Fulfillment: Bringing Online and Offline Operations Together

As the holiday shopping season continues to get longer every year, consumers are now learning more, comparing more and shopping more and this poses a new host of challenges for retailers.  Last year retail sites saw a 51% increase in mobile visits between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Research also shows that 56% of all sales will at least be influenced by online activity.  Another obstacle that continues to grow each year is balancing the shipping demands of the shoppers with the increased competition and offerings from both, e-commerce retailers and traditional brick-and-mortar outlets.  With a busier spending season expected in 2015, a forecasted 3.7% increase this year (compared to the 10-year average of 2.5%), aligning your online offerings with your new in-store services is going to be crucial for a successful holiday season.

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2013 Holiday Deliveries: A Perfect Storm for the Logistics Industry

Some Christmas presents were not under the tree this year due to a perfect storm within the logistics industry.  Delays at major delivery companies, UPS and Fed-Ex, were blamed on a mix of bad weather, overloaded systems, and a shortened shopping season.

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