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Hospital Fulfillment: Optimizing the Healthcare Supply Chain

hospital fulfillmentAs Augusten Burroughs writes, “When you have your health, you have everything. When you do not have your health, nothing else matters at all.”  Arguably the most important industry in which a supply chain must work perfectly is the medical industry.   A physician or nurse lacking the correct medical device or amount of supplies can have a dire effect on the end product: your health. 

While the healthcare supply chain has always been a critical one, the new landscape that is unfolding for hospitals and providers is creating new obstacles.  With reimbursement based on different metrics, the cost structure of healthcare organizations is changing as well.  A key area that can lower costs while improving care is to optimize the supply chain within these organizations.

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Focusing on the Healthcare Supply Chain

The days of going to see the doctor when you feel under the weather, getting a check-up, paying your co-pay and picking up your prescription are long gone.  This change in your medical experience is being spurred by an overhaul of our healthcare system.  With everything changing, from the way doctors, hospitals and clinics are being reimbursed to a focus on preventative measures, a change is needed in the way that we manage medical practices.  A key component of this transition will be developing a focus on the supply chain within our healthcare system.

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