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Consumer Electronics Fulfillment: LTL and Partial Truckload Shipping

The consumer electronics (CE) market hit an all-time high in revenue last year of $211.3 billion, a two percent increase from the previous year. CE is expected to grow again by over one to two percent this year as well.  Another exciting trend in this sector is the growing role that e-commerce is playing.  In 2012, the e-commerce channel accounted for $49 billion of CE sales.  That number is forecasted to eclipse $108 billion by 2018.  

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Home Electronics Fulfillment: Enhancing the After-Sales Supply Chain

At long last, the day has finally come. Your brand new flat-screen television has arrived at your home and you excitedly cut open the packaging and set it up, the new focal point of your living room. Gone are the days of squinting because the picture is not clear. However, as you tune into the Master’s or your favorite movie, you begin to notice something isn’t quite right. The green of Augusta is a little too yellow, and the yellow brick road looks gray. While this is definitely a disappointing turn of events, for many customers, the trials and frustrations of the “after-the-sale” supply chain can be even more so.

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Home Electronics Fulfillment: Overcoming Logistic Challenges

Everything poses its own unique challenges.  It’s these hurdles and obstacles along the way that separate competitors.  With home electronics manufacturers making large strides in technology, affordability and accessibility, industry revenue is at record levels.  Consumer Electronics Association projected 2% growth for 2014, bringing revenue to an unprecedented $211.3 billion.  However, this uptick in sales and production has not come along without its challenges.  Increased competition and growing consumer demands are making it difficult to maintain market share and profit margins.  Creating a supply chain that keeps costs low, products moving and customers happy is increasingly important.  Here are four common logistical challenges and two strategies to increase home electronics supply chain efficiency.

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Consumer Electronics: Three Big Things

As the economy rebounds, major electronics and appliance manufacturers continue to develop new and improved products at a rapid pace.  This is an industry with an ever-evolving landscape.  To navigate these changes, there are three key ideas consumer electronics and appliance companies should keep in mind.

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Electronics Fulfillment: The Growing Role of Reverse Logistics

After a long spring and summer, football is finally back on the horizon.  NFL teams are in camp, preseason games are quickly approaching and this is the year you’ve finally decided to upgrade your viewing experience.  We’re not talking about season tickets.  This is better.  A brand new, 70-inch ultra HD television.  The gameday experience is going to come alive in your living room.  It will be as if you’re actually on the field. 

So the day finally comes.  The delivery truck has left your driveway and as you peel the box back you notice a crack that spans from one corner to the center of the screen.  Luckily for you, there are still a few days before the first game kicks off.  For the electronics retailer and manufacturer, this will be another component that enters the reverse logistics cycle.

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