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Cosmetics Fulfillment and Automated Data Collection

Think back to only a few years ago. How much of your purchasing did you actually do in a store? Since then, has that activity grown or diminished? The likely answer is that you spend less time scanning shelves and standing in checkout lines than you once did. In fact, the number of online shoppers in the United States has grown by over 16.8% since 2010.

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The Health and Beauty Supply Chain: Designing the Best Team

With the Super Bowl over, college football national signing day in the rearview mirror and only days left until pitchers and catchers report, there is a big focus on team building in the sports world.  With projections and predictions based on staff chemistry, talent and management, the importance of designing a team with the goal of winning a championship cannot be denied.  The same is true for health and beauty product logistics.

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The Right E-Commerce Strategy for Cosmetic Products

There comes a time in history when grasping the reins of a new “trend” is a must.  Imagine being the last person in town to jump on the automobile bandwagon.  Where would you tie up your horse?  Once the light bulb caught on, how long would you keep carrying your kerosene lamp around the house?  These of course are old, yet revolutionary, advancements that have made life much more convenient and spurred on countless other developments.  However, in the not-too-distant past, e-commerce was an element that the health and beauty sector tried to keep at bay.  Eventually though, it could not be ignored.  What was shortly ago seen as an industry that required physical access to smell, sample and touch, e-commerce has become the fastest growing segment of the cosmetics industry.

A study by L2 Think Tank shows that e-commerce sales for beauty products grew by nearly 30% in 2013.  This outpaced only a 6% in-store growth.  As this new opportunity continues to show  great potential, it’s important for health and beauty companies to embrace and implement an e-commerce strategy as a competitive differentiator.

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Cosmetic Fulfillment Services: A Specialized Process

Thousands of dollars have been spent in advertising. Direct Mailers and VIP invitations have gone out in the mail. Sales projections from corporate are at an historic high. The big cosmetic product launch is less than a week away. Amanda Jones, a cosmetic manager for a major Health & Beauty retailer, is hoping the results are as big as the pre-show hype.  Amanda has trained and prepared her team, ordered extra inventory, and re-designed the floor plan for her department. Everyone from the CEO to the newly hired sales member is anticipating the most successful cosmetic launch event in the history of the company. The pressure is on.

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