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Big Data For Automotive Parts Fulfillment: The Six Sigma Effect

People are busier than ever. Any company’s success is largely based on how they fit into their consumer’s bustling schedule. This boils down to whether you can get your product to where your consumer needs it and most importantly when they want it. A perfect example of this is the major inconvenience of needing your car repaired. Whether it’s sitting in the driveway or waiting at the mechanic’s, getting the right parts to the right place is a must.

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Big Data Analytics in the Supply Chain

Finding key consumer information used to be like finding a needle in a haystack.  To an extent, it still is.  However, there are a lot more needles in the hay today.  With companies gathering more data than ever before, they are in need of new strategies and tools to leverage the power of this information.  The importance of this type of access to information is not lost on supply chain executives.  According to Accenture, 97% of executives claim to understand how these analytics can benefit supply chain operations.  However, only 17% reported having implemented this data into a supply chain function.  Industry Week broke down three key practices that distinguish the companies with big data success.  To read the article, click here.     

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