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Summer 2012 Barrett Bugle

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Summer 2012 Barrett Bugle, Digital edition

As Vibram faced the challenges of rapidly growing demand for its wildly popular footwear innovation, the company found its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and IT systems inadequate to process the growing number of orders.

Barrett worked with Vibram to address challenges, while simultaneously creating a solution to build and maintain separate order processing and management locations for web and retail orders, improve forecasting capability and bring inventory levels up to ensure responsiveness to the surging demand.

Additionally, we dealt with requirements for counterfeit product detection and management of the brand threat, while ensuring that all solutions position Vibram to scale, with orders and delivery (direct to consumer and to retail channels) capable of fast response as orders grow in number and complexity. [read more]

Importance of Memphis Growing

Barrett Distribution Centers "Buying In" to Memphis  

MBQ: Inside Memphis Business / March 2012 / Buying In by Clifford F. Lynch

Much has been written about the transportation advantages of the Memphis metropolitan area. Five Class I railroads, a large motor carrier contingent, the largest river in the country, and a world-class airport all contribute to making Memphis and the surrounding area a major logistics hub — indeed one of the most important in the country.

Often overlooked, however, is the network of logistics service providers the city is fortunate to have in the region. These firms range from small, family-owned businesses to large national providers, and everything in between. Products handled include almost anything, from agricultural chemicals to zippers. [read more]

President's Reflections

Bridging Generations for Success

By Arthur Barrett, President, Barrett Distribution Centers

I had the pleasure of chairing the 2012 Annual Convention & Exposition for the International Warehouse Logistics Association which was held this year at the historic Fairmont Hotel atop Nob Hill in San Francisco. The conference theme was appropriately, “Bridging Generations for Success.”  After the Sunday afternoon golf tournament, we kicked off the three-day convention with an invitation-only dinner featuring... [read more]

Top Packaging Suppliers for Specialty Fulfillment

Barrett customizes solutions which often require specialty fulfillment services from packaging to delivery. Having reviewed carrier partners earlier this year, Barrett now provides a review of the top four providers of materials typically incorporated for specialty fulfillment solutions: from quality printed cartons, specialty padded mailers and customized totes to general packaging supplies. These four companies represent the best array of products, highest-quality service and most responsive customer service in this market segment... [read more]



Q1: How important is fuel efficiency to the Logistics industry?
A1: For private fleets and commercial carriers, fuel expenses can account for more than 25% of their total operating costs.

Q2: What are the best ways to increase fuel efficiency in tractor trailers?
A2: * Maintain speed limits: Drivers who keep within the speed limits can increase the truck's fuel economy by more than 20%.
* Avoid unnecessary idling: The average idling tractor consumes 1.2 gallons per hour or more than 8 cents a minute based on today's fuel prices.
* Keep tires inflated to the proper levels: For every 10 psi below the rated tire pressure, the truck's fuel economy decreases by 0.5%.

Q3: How are companies affected by fuel efficiency?
A3: Fuel efficiency impacts every one of the 750,000 trucking companies in the U.S, and their costs impact every consumer.


Call 508-553-8800 or info@barrettdistribution.com

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Barrett Reviews Top 5 Solar Integrators

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Franklin, MA, May 9, 2012 - Barrett Distribution Centers hand-selected five solar energy providers to review this month. The review can be accessed here. This group of renewable energy companies has made it to the Barrett's top list based on a variety of factors, including experience in the field, pricing and customer service.  Each of these companies help businesses reduce utility costs and take a “green” approach to business. The solar integrator companies are Nexamp, Beaumont Solar Company, Real Goods Solar, American Capital Energy and Munro Distributing.

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Barrett Distribution Reviews Top 4 Niche Carriers in the Northeast

Competition is fierce in the Northeast for carriers. Barrett Distribution reviews four who excel at meeting tight deadlines and define the industry through their professionalism.

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Barrett Bugle-July 2011 Edition

Featured Articles:

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Blending Quality and Innovation

Due to the expanding business and extensive product line, managing inventory has become a major challenge for Bake'n Joy.

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Barrett Bugle-February 2011 Edition

Featured Articles:

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Happy People Achieve Better Results

I had the pleasure this month of attending the IWLA Annual Meeting.

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How Best Buy Exceeds Customer Needs

Best Buy produced $40 billion in annual revenue in fiscal 2008 and outpaced the competition in terms of market share in a volatile US economic environment. Best Buy has chosen to view this environment as an opportunity to strengthen and differentiate their position even more while others retrench. What’s their secret? Customer Centric Innovation.

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Embracing the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

I recently had the opportunity to attend a FranklinCovey one-day seminar in Boston. This presentation was an enlightening dive into their “7 Habits” (The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey). While I had read the book, I did not have an accurate or effective grasp of each Habit until I attended this seminar. I have already experienced the positive results of two habits in particular, two that really go hand-in-hand for me—be proactive, and empathic listening

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Belgium’s Best

BBC depends on Barrett’s Order Management System, Warehouse Management System, and quality warehouse staff to manage the chocolate assortment and “best before date” stock rotation.

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Barrett Expands into New York

We are pleased to announce the opening of our newest operation—a 350,000 square foot distribution center in Selkirk, New York, just outside of Albany. This is our first expansion outside of New England for an operation of this magnitude. The capacity we have  secured in this new market gives us a tremendous opportunity to leverage our existing infrastructure and provide more value to our customers.

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