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Keeping Your Automotive Part Supply Chain Running

The automotive part supply chain is growing and changing rapidly.  From warehousing to fulfillment to transportation, this high velocity sector needs to be well managed from a distribtuion standpoint.  This video explains how to leverage logistics strategies to provide the best service possible.

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Addressing the Rise in the Automotive Aftermarket Supply Chain

The specialized parts sector within the automotive supply chain is currently growing at a rate of 8% each year.  Much of this growth is stemming from a rise in popularity in do it yourself auto restoration and repairs. 

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Auto Part Fulfillment: Integrating Distribution Center Automation

Have you ever worked on a jigsaw puzzle and been absolutely convinced that a piece should fit somewhere, but it just didn’t go?  The colors matched, the shape of the piece looked perfect for that spot, but for whatever reason, it just wasn’t meant to go where you thought it would.  Trying to force it, or “make it work” means that the puzzle will never be complete.  Systems integration inside your warehouse for materials handling automation is the same way.  With so many components that require a variety of input and communication to work effectively and accurately, it’s crucial to trust the experts when implementing automation.  Here are 4 tips when it comes to integrating materials handling automation within your warehouse.

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Lowering Auto Part Fulfillment Costs with Cloud Based Systems

You can watch your new favorite TV show on your phone, laptop, or TV.  You can listen to music in your car and let the best part of the song transition to your home stereo.  You can even take a picture let someone across the globe see it instantly.  Cloud technology has given us the ability to share and be mobile like never before.  It also has capabilities that go far beyond entertainment and convenience.  Cloud based systems also provide a great business value, especially when it comes to your auto part supply chain. 

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Why Your Auto Parts Supply Chain Plan Shouldn’t Be on Cruise Control

Technology has given us great travel tools like cruise control and autopilot.  These applications take the guesswork, and ideally the potential for error out of the equation for travel. Although we have the option to let software and tech guide us, it doesn’t mean that we can be completely uninvolved.  Turns in the road, traffic, construction, weather and other variables are all factors that force us to adjust our strategy.  Supply chain planning, specifically in the automotive parts sector, is no different.

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Oil Filter Fulfillment: Using Supply Chain Software to Improve Efficiency

Bottlenecks can ruin your day.

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Spark Plug Fulfillment Solutions: Managing the Automotive Supply Chain

Spark plugs are essential to the internal combustion engine.  This is the element that ignites the fuel and air mixture within the cylinders, creating the, well, spark, that keeps your car moving down the road.  However, spark plugs are components of your vehicle that will wear and eventually need to be replaced, otherwise you could be stranded.  Just as the maintenance of your car’s spark plugs can keep it running and healthy for years, your order fulfillment and logistics processes may also be due for a check-up; otherwise new consumer demands and market challenges could leave your supply chain sputtering.

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Automotive Part Fulfillment: Lower Picking Costs and Increase Profits

The most labor intensive and costly responsibility in your distribution center is order fulfillment, specifically manual fulfillment.  According to Martin Murray’s “Order Picking in the Warehouse”, the cost of order picking can be as much as 55% of a warehouse’s total operating cost.  Furthermore, manual fulfillment can consume 65% of an employee’s time.  Recognizing the stress this puts on your bottom line can lead to making some new investments and changes to relieve the costs that go into this key element.  Here are three areas on which to focus:

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The 3PL Key to Automotive Part Fulfillment Accuracy

Meet Suzie Smith.  Suzie was just ticketed by a police officer in Boise, Idaho because the brake light for her SUV was defective. This incident may seem like a simple everyday traffic violation. However, this one isolated scenario can and will create a negative connotation with the car manufacturer’s brand if not corrected. How can something so minor in scope present such an epic dilemma for an organization? It all starts with your fulfillment center operation.

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