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3PL Outsourcing Saves Time and Money

With the continued rising cost of real estate, material handling equipment, information systems, trucks, fuel and just about every resource, it makes more sense than ever for companies to outsource their logistics needs to a competent 3rd-party logistics provider (3PL).

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Plugging in to the customer’s needs

Best Buy produced $40 billion in annual revenue in fiscal 2008 and outpaced the competition in terms of market share in a volatile US economic environment. Best Buy has chosen to view this environment as an opportunity to strengthen and differentiate their position even more while others retrench. What’s their secret? Customer Centric Innovation.

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Belgium’s Best

BBC depends on Barrett’s Order Management System, Warehouse Management System, and quality warehouse staff to manage the chocolate assortment and “best before date” stock rotation.

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'Tis the Season (For Retail Replenishment)

In January of this year, the shareholders of Rite Aid approved the acquisition of 1,850 Brooks-Eckerd stores from the Jean Coutu Group, solidifying Rite Aid’s position as the 3rd largest drugstore chain in the country. Barrett has had a long-standing relationship with Brooks-Eckerd. With the influx of new products and store growth, we have taken the relationship with Rite Aid to a new level.

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Mass. Technology Leadership Council Recognized Area Companies

The Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council gave out its 2007 Technology Leadership awards Thursday night, highlighting the best and brightest in the technology industry.

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Barrett Recipe For Success

Think about the last time you dined at your favorite restaurant. You scanned the menu, decided on something that you liked and ordered it. The meal came out nicely presented on your plate, and as you enjoyed your dinner you knew you would be back again for this pleasurable experience.

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Baltimore, Here We Come!

We are excited to announce the opening of our newest facility in Baltimore, Maryland. This
distribution center will open in the Fall of 2007 and is conveniently located close to the Port of Baltimore. Baltimore is a deep water port, offering one-day distribution to the Northeast and Middle Atlantic regions. Our distribution center is also rail served, offering flexible distribution options in this busy market.

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Barrett Receives AIB Superior Rating

The American Institute of Baking (AIB), founded in 1919, has a mission to protect the safety of the food supply chain through rigorous inspections, audits, and training.

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Barrett Expands in Medical Sector

Advancements in medicine - The Alkalol Company has proven itself for over a century; SuturTek is a start-up company with a revolutionary product. Both have recently chosen Barrett to distribute their innovative products to the medical sector.

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Barrett Expands into New York

We are pleased to announce the opening of our newest operation—a 350,000 square foot distribution center in Selkirk, New York, just outside of Albany. This is our first expansion outside of New England for an operation of this magnitude. The capacity we have  secured in this new market gives us a tremendous opportunity to leverage our existing infrastructure and provide more value to our customers.

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Barrett Partners with E.D. & F. Man

Barrett Distribution Centers is proud to announce an operating agreement with E.D. & F. Man Company, brokers of sugar, cocoa, molasses and coffee beans. Man is based in London, and has offices in 35 countries. Their U.S. headquarters are currently in Manhattan, but they will move to Miami in January as it is closer to the epicenter of their South American sugar business. The E.D. & F. Man Company has a multi-year agreement with the Mexican government to produce sugar, but they also buy the commodity from several other countries both north and south of the equator. The sugar is loaded on vessels, and in the northeast is brought into the Port of Albany for distribution. Barrett transports the cargo (packaged in “super sacks”) from the port to our newest distribution center, a 350,000 square foot foodgrade facility in Albany.

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Time Management and Goal Setting

Barrett Distribution Centers’ employees are more involved than ever with the daily workings of the company, and it’s paying off for everyone.

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