The Importance of Quality Food Logistics

The alarm goes off at 6:15 a.m.   Just like every morning you hit the snooze button.  At 6:24 a.m. it goes off again.   You rub the sleep out of your eyes and your morning routine begins.  Dressed and ready for work, the only thing you need on your way out of the door is your morning coffee.  Freshly brewed and waiting in your favorite travel mug, you reach into the refrigerator to add a splash of milk.  As you lift the cap from the half full milk carton, an odor fills your kitchen and you quickly realize you’ll be taking your coffee “black” this morning.  Checking the expiration date, you begin to pour four dollars’ worth of milk down the drain five days earlier than the dairy promised you.  Now your morning, much like your milk, is spoiled.  Realizing there is going to be a ticked off 4 year old who can’t have chocolate milk coming down the stairs any minute, you quickly head out to the office.

When it comes to managing the supply chain of our food supply, there is absolutely no margin for error.  Timely and accurate delivery is just one key element.  Having the resources and abilities to handle and maintain the quality and integrity of food products affects everything from your brand image, to your retail partners to the end consumer.  The American Consumer Report in 2013 shows that 84% of people that experienced a prematurely spoiled product immediately changed brands.  This is a powerful and scary trend when you consider that Marketing Metrics shows that selling to a new prospect has a 5%-20% success rate versus 60%-70% for an existing patron.  It is much more expensive and difficult to bring a new customer into your fold.  Continuing to provide a quality product can also create efficiencies.  A 2% increase in customer retention can have the same effect as lowering costs by 10% according to Emmet & Mark Murphy’s Leading on the Edge of Chaos.

Temperature and humidity controls are vital for a variety of food products.  A supply chain solution that addresses these areas can be the difference between losing a customer and creating loyalty.  Having a logistics plan in place to store, transport and deliver your product under the ideal conditions while adhering to stringent and key regulations needs to be a priority.  Barrett Distribution will design and craft a customized plan for your food logistics needs, and Barrett’s Blueprint Process not only produces a more efficient supply chain but improves a company’s overall business. For more information on how Barrett Distribution can improve your fulfillment operation, click here or call 508-553-8800.

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