How to Achieve Fulfillment Center Sustainability

With more economic pressures and market volatility impacting businesses across all industries, creating initiatives to attract new customers and retain existing ones has never been more difficult. The rise of e-commerce and an increasing number of competitors makes finding differentiators and efficiencies all the more important.  One implementation that can achieve both of these goals is “going green”, or instituting sustainable measures. 

Footwear Supply Chain Sustainability: Going Green for ROI

Each year Americans spend $20 billion on footwear.  The industry as a whole has grown over 4% in the past five years and that trend is expected to continue.  At the same time, the landscape for how consumers are shopping for and purchasing shoes has changed.  Shoppers now have more options, more demands that have resulted in shifting preferences from a focus on price to a focus on convenience.  This new criteria is forcing supply chains across all industries to shift priorities and resources to meet these demands.  Cost savings and operational efficiencies have taken a higher precedent than ever before.