Warehouse Automation: An Investment You Can't Afford NOT to Make

When Facebook went public in 2012, it made a lot of people very wealthy. The people that built the company were rewarded with shares that would one day make them millionaires, or even billionaires. Missing out on an investment like this could be devastating. Take Ronald Wayne, for example. Along with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Wayne co-founded Apple and earned a 10% stake in the company. Two weeks after Apple’s IPO, Wayne sold his shares for $800. Today, those same shares would be worth over $60 billion. When it comes to investments, timing and commitment are key. For supply chain and warehouse enhancement, the time is now and the investment is automation.

Sporting Goods Fulfillment: Automation for Multi-Channel Logistics

To effectively manage a sporting goods supply chain, you must think strategically.  While increasing touches on the basketball court is a good strategy, the opposite is true for sporting goods fulfillment.  Manual processes require more “touches” than automated processes,  opening the door to mistakes.  Using automation to streamline these labor intensive processes eliminates duplicate tasks and reduces a distribution center’s error rate.  Implementation of a software-driven automated picking system can bring fulfillment accuracy north of 99%, according to a study done by