Sustainable Supply Chains and their Advantages

We’ve all heard those stories from our grandparents. The ones that begin by walking up hill to school in a snowstorm and end by walking home, uphill in a snow storm. Now, ignoring the physical impossibility of these tales, similar comparisons can be found between every generation. Take the competitive comparison of first cars. Today, a first car will likely have an automatic transmission. This can only mean someone somewhere is reminiscing about how they had to learn on a “stick”. But these same grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles have transitioned from a “that would be nice to have” attitude, to “this is a must have” standpoint and couldn’t imagine having a car without an automatic transmission today.

Sustainability within the supply chain is very similar. Aside from ethical pressures and obligations, what was once viewed as a nicety has transformed into a strategy that reaps several additional benefits. In the May issue of Logistics Management, there is an article that outlines the advantages that a sustainable supply chain provides. Read more here.