Streamlining Toy and Game Fulfillment with a 3PL

Streamlining Toy and Game Fulfillment with a 3PL

It’s early in the morning; the sun hasn’t risen yet, and there are footsteps rapidly descending down the stairs.  Luckily, Mom is already there with the camera, and before Dad can set his coffee down, the bows, wrapping paper and ribbon begin to fly.  There are very few things in this world as special as seeing a child open a much sought after gift.  We all have those memories of birthday parties, holidays and random presents from grandma and grandpa.  The mystery of what is under the wrapping paper and the anticipation of opening that box is as enjoyable to experience as it is to witness.  Sadly, the opposite is also true. 

The best laid plans can go awry, turning a beautiful moment into a painful memory.  And whether your customers realize it or not, your order fulfillment operation plays a decisive role in making sure your customers have an enjoyable experience.  The toy industry, like most, is experiencing changes spurred by the emergence of mobile technology.  Faster delivery times, cheaper shipment options and specialized fulfillment alternatives are becoming the expectation of consumers; unfortunately, traditional supply chain channels are finding it difficult to scale to these new demands.  Not only are these traditional fulfillment solutions quickly becoming less effective, they are no longer cost or time efficient, lead to a higher error rate and detract from branding.   

The key element that is leading to the inaccuracy and cost of toy and game fulfillment is the continued use of legacy software that is not optimized to meet consumer expectations.  Upgrading your systems and operations can be an expensive undertaking, but you cannot afford to ignore it.  If your company runs an internal warehousing operation with some of these problems, it may be time to explore what a strong 3PL can offer. 

A 3PL has the built-in resources to scale  to your growing business, including the peak seasons that are imperative to your bottom line.  Not only do your direct to customer orders need to be accurate, on time and to their exact specifications, but you need to ensure the shelves at your retail partners are stocked with your products.  Between fulfillment, logistics and inventory management a streamlined supply chain can create a tremendous advantage. 

As your customers continue to have more and more options, the importance of your product being available and accurate has never been more important.  When that box arrives on the doorstep, is placed under the tree or set on a shelf, it needs to be right and be on time.   Barrett Distribution will design and craft a customized plan for your toy and game logistics needs, and Barrett’s Blueprint Process not only produces a more efficient supply chain but improves a company’s overall business.

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