Spark Plug Fulfillment Solutions: Managing the Automotive Supply Chain

Spark Plug Fulfillment Solutions: Managing the Automotive Supply Chain

Spark plugs are essential to the internal combustion engine.  This is the element that ignites the fuel and air mixture within the cylinders, creating the, well, spark, that keeps your car moving down the road.  However, spark plugs are components of your vehicle that will wear and eventually need to be replaced, otherwise you could be stranded.  Just as the maintenance of your car’s spark plugs can keep it running and healthy for years, your order fulfillment and logistics processes may also be due for a check-up; otherwise new consumer demands and market challenges could leave your supply chain sputtering.

Often times a failing spark plug can be recognized by a rough idle, trouble starting, misfires and a lack of acceleration.  In fact, over 50% of all vehicle breakdowns stem from worn plugs and ignition system defects, according to BorgWarner. In consumer’s busier than ever lives, their demands are high.  Time and tolerance for waiting on a part to be available, ship or be delivered are both at an all-time low.  Here are 3 tips that can help your supply chain keep your customers happy and business growing.

Increased visibility: Keep high volume, high velocity parts, like spark plugs, available.  Having technology in place to ensure that shipments are prepared will be key to ensure that orders are fulfilled through a variety of new channels.

Forecasting: Recognizing when you see the highest order volume and focusing resources around your busiest markets can help create a more efficient supply chain.  Prioritizing staff and leveraging distribution locations around these places can help you exceed customer expectations as well as lower cost.  The ability to scale within your supply chain can be a distinct advantage.

Enhanced automation: Sending a wrong product to a shop, store or consumer can be costly, not only from a customer experience standpoint, but from a reverse logistics and cost aspect as well.  Improving picking accuracy through automation can relieve many mistakes and expenses.

While the spark plug is just one crucial element of what allows your car to travel from point A to point B, your car can’t run without them.  Fulfillment is similar in that it is only once aspect of your overall operation, but without it, your product can’t be in your consumer’s hands, or engines.  A well designed, clean, efficient spark plug can keep your car moving forward for years.  Supply chain management can do the same for your business.  Barrett Distribution specializes in pick and pack fulfillment and implementing customized supply chain solutions. 

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