Shoe Fulfillment: Supply Chain Management Technology Advancements

Shoe Fulfillment: Supply Chain Management Technology Advancements

Creating an environment of visibility has never been more necessary than it is now.  The ability to create, share and leverage information between partners is now integrated directly into fulfillment technology.  This new development is made possible by the cloud. Just as the cloud makes accessing your personal media from anywhere easy, platforms across a variety of supply chain management applications are also reaping its benefits.

In Logistics Management’s 2014 Software User Study, 51% of logistics professionals either have adopted cloud based solutions or are evaluating options to implement them with the next 24 months.  With the capabilities of the cloud linking more users and applications, supply chain management (SCM) platforms are becoming increasingly efficient and connected than ever before.  The demands of omni-channel logistics are being met by this technology’s ability to constantly update multiple partners. 

While some are still hesitant to entrust valuable data and processes to this still young technology, many of those fears, namely security and reliability, are being put to rest.  That is evident in Silicon Angle’s 20 Cloud Computing Statistics Every CIO Should Know.  Here are a few of the highlights:

  • 25% of survey respondents, if only given the option to move one application to the cloud, chose storage. Keeping valuable proprietary data on virtual servers, instead of expensive, bulky on-premises servers can be a great cost saver.

  • 80% of cloud adopters reported operational improvements within 6 months of implementation.

  • Over 50% of respondents claim to transfer sensitive and confidential information to the cloud.

  • 82% of companies report that they saved money by moving to the cloud.

These are only a handful of the insightful trends and facts supporting cloud technology.  Transportation management systems, warehouse management systems and supply chain planning applications are all gaining traction within the cloud.  Providing data to multiple parties inside and outside of the four walls of a distribution center creates the efficiency and decision-making ability required to navigate new consumer demands.  Barrett Distribution Centers has experience in leveraging technology to create customized supply chain solutions in the footwear industry. 

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