Preparing Your Supply Chain for the 2015 Holiday Sales Season

Just as you would check the weather forecast before you go on vacation, it is just as important to prepare your supply chain for the quickly approaching holiday season.  For the former, you’ll want to have the appropriate clothing; for the latter, you need to be properly staffed and have your resources allocated in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

This year’s prediction for holiday shopping (defined, by the NRF as sales that take place in November and December, excluding gas, auto and restaurant sales) seems to shaping up as comparable to 2014.  One of the biggest jumps will come from online sales, which are expected to see an increase of six to eight percent, reaching totals as much as $105 billion.  Overall retail sales are expected to see around a 3.7% gain from last season, reaching a total near $630 billion.  These two months will account for 19% of the $3.2 trillion of 2015’s total retail revenue. 

With so much of the year’s retail sales occurring over this short two month holiday season, the pressure it can put on your supply chain can be intense.  It is crucial that you have your warehouse is properly staffed, you have your transportation properly managed and your retail outlets are prepared for an influx of shoppers as well omni-channel (ship-to-store, ship-from-store) customers. 

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