On-Line Apparel Fulfillment: What Do Consumers Want this Holiday Season?

On-Line Apparel Fulfillment: What Do Consumers Want this Holiday Season?

Consumers have changed the way they shop, and with this change in behavior and expectations has arrived a landscape littered with loaded shopping carts.  Not literally of course, but digitally.  In fact, a BI Intelligence report shows that over $4 trillion worth of items are left in online shopping carts each year.  Why so much?  The top reason stated was due to unexpected shipping costs.  This holiday season, streamlined operations can result in reduced shipping costs and ideally higher online conversions. 

For the 2016 holiday season, embracing your consumer’s expectations of product delivery can be a major opportunity.  Research by Convey shows that 66% of shoppers agree that delivery experience is a critical factor when ordering.  The main reason for this increase in shipping importance is that consumers can essentially buy anything, from anywhere, at any time.  This omni-channel marketplace is forcing supply chains to adapt and respond.

Here are 4 interesting statistics about shoppers’ expectations this holiday season:

1.) The three most common problems consumers experience are: late deliveries, damaged goods, and deliveries that don’t arrive.

2.) 51% of consumers want a guaranteed delivery date before they check out.

3.) 97% of consumers claim that delivery speed is at least moderately important.

4.) Over 42% of shoppers expect a better experience when they pay for shipping.

With the way that shoppers today think about shipping, there is a great opportunity to separate your online apparel fulfillment from the growing number of competitors and to start turning those abandoned carts in more sales.  Barrett Distribution Centers has extensive experience in helping companies reduce their shipping costs, improving the customer’s fulfillment experience while protecting and enhancing the brand image of our customers.