Los Angeles Fulfillment Services: Making Your Supply Chain Sustainable

“Going Green” is no longer just a catchy slogan for a pie-in-the-sky ideal of taking environmentally safe actions, for many businesses, and specifically supply chains, it offers a chance to meet strategic initiatives.  While “green” was originally meant to signify Earth friendly decisions, the platforms and implementations that promote a sustainable supply chain have revealed another type of green, the type that looks good on your bottom line.  Managing sustainability has become a major priority for CEO’s across all industries.  Aligning sustainable efforts with organizational goals is increasing cost savings and efficiencies, all while helping the environment. 

A recent article from Inbound Logistics details how and why companies are moving toward sustainability in every facet of the supply chain.  Read the entire article here.  Barrett Distribution Centers has a facility in Montebello, CA that handles high volume retail, e-commerce, omni-channel logistics, and value-added warehousing services.  They also have a 220,000 sq. ft. distribution center in Pico Rivera offering expert fulfillment services near the Los Angeles International Airport and the Port of Long Beach.