Innovate Your Fulfillment Center

Innovation continues to drive many of the new advancements that we enjoy today.  In the past few decades alone, we have progressed from pagers to cell phones and now to smart phones, we have more computing power in our pockets than NASA did when they put a man on the moon.  Speaking of which, we put a man on the moon, now we have companies designing and testing retrievable rockets and making strides on a manned mission to Mars.  It is the constant motive to innovate that has led to the groundbreaking developments.  The same is true for business as it is in life, commercial innovations will lead to major operational breakthroughs.  What better place to begin than with your fulfillment center?  There are a number of strategies that can be implemented in the heart of your supply chain that will result in lower costs, higher efficiency and more accuracy.  A recent article from Multichannel Merchant outlines 6 ways to innovate your fulfillment practices.  Follow this link to read more about fulfillment operation innovations.