Holiday Fulfillment and Shopping: 10 Interesting Facts

Holiday Fulfillment and Shopping: 10 Interesting Facts

There’s a nip in the air, pumpkin flavored everything and the sun is setting a little sooner.  When these three things occur at once, it won’t be long until the turkey leftovers are gone and 12 reindeer trot across your roof.  It is time for the busiest shopping season of the year.  Whether you stock up in July, take notes of subtle hints throughout the year or ransack the pharmacy gift aisle on December 24th, this is the time where more people are shopping and more money is being spent than any other time of the year.  In fact, Forrester Research is predicting a record $89 billion will be spent online alone this holiday season.  If the web is going to be that busy, imagine what the malls will look like.  Here are 10 interesting facts and statistics about holiday shopping that can help you navigate from finding that perfect gift to placing it under the tree.

1.) 65% of consumers will browse online before making a purchase in a store.  (Accenture)

2.) 38% of consumers are likely to shop on Thanksgiving Day. (Fresh Insights)

3.) 40% of annual sales are made during the last 2 months of the year. (Holiday Shop Trends)

4.) Shoppers spent, on average, 9.3% more per online order in November and 13% more per online order in December.  (IBM)

5.) 70% of Americans consider shipping options as a key factor in the shopping experience.  (Time)

6.) 55% of shoppers plan to visit stores on Black Friday and/or websites on Cyber Monday.  (Accenture)

7.) Mobile commerce will account for 33% of all holiday online sales in the U.S.  (Custora)

8.) 84% of shoppers use digital tools before and during trips to a store, and those shoppers convert at a 40% higher rate than those who do not use web-enabled devices.  (Holiday Shopping Stats)

9.) The average spend per buyer is expected to be $2,000. (IBM)

10.) 85% of retailers expect their online holiday sales to increase in 2014.  (Channel Advisor)

A major theme woven within these statistics and trends is the proliferation of technology, specifically mobile.  With consumers craving more information than ever before and having greater, around the clock access to ordering products in combination with higher expectations for delivery options, this pivotal time of the year will place a tremendous weight on your supply chain and fulfillment operation.  Having the resources and scalability to handle the holiday rush can be a major benefit for your bottom line and your customers’ experience.  Barrett Distribution specializes in retail fulfillment.