Health and Beauty Fulfillment: Increasing Supply Chain Visibility

Health and Beauty Fulfillment: Increasing Supply Chain Visibility

The health and beauty sector is a $64 billion industry in the United States alone.  From big box stores to boutiques, to pharmacies on every corner, and now with the emergence of e-commerce, getting the massive amount of SKUs to where they need to be, when they need to be there is more challenging than ever.  This is why supply chain visibility is so important to success.   Here are three reasons why visibility is so crucial when it comes to health and beauty logistics.

Enhanced Customer Service through Supply Chain Visibility

With additional access to resources that provide a deeper insight to the location, timing, and other shipping details your customer service representatives will be able to offer proactive solutions, and in turn, better experiences for your customers.

Improved Financial Forecasting with Supply Chain Visibility Technology

Streamlining the logistics process can be an opportunity to trim costs and improve margins.  Claim mitigation and segmented freight analysis are two key areas where enhanced financial reporting can lead to more accurate invoicing and revenue generation.

Streamlined Management and Measurement from Fulfillment Visibility

In the changing landscape that has been spurred on by e-commerce and other consumer demands, identifying KPIs has never been more important or challenging.  Through supply chain visibility executives and key decision makers can have more information to make adjustments and operational changes.

Competing in the high velocity world of health and beauty is contingent on an effective and efficient supply chain.  Visibility is becoming a bigger and more vital aspect of this.  Barrett Distribution Centers is a third party logistics provider that specializes in the health and beauty sector.