Footwear Fulfillment: Enhanced Distribution for Better Customer Service

Footwear Fulfillment: Enhanced Distribution for Better Customer Service

Not being able to find something can be one of the most frustrating parts of any day.  Scavenging for misplaced car keys, searching for a parking spot in the zip code as the mall, and noticing the gate in the backyard was left open and the dog is taking a tour of the neighborhood are all things that make us late and frustrated.  The same thing is true when someone is looking for pair of shoes and either can’t find them in the store or can’t find them in their size.  When this happens customers will either leave your store and look elsewhere, or find a different brand that has what they are looking for, when they are looking for it.

The key link that connects products to customers is fulfillment and distribution.  While inventory management can go a long way in offering the widest array of styles and sizes, an optimized warehouse and distribution operation can allow you to achieve and maintain a better selection product on the shelves.  With technology like a cross-belt sortation system and multi-faceted processes, productivity and capacity can be improved in your current warehouse space.

Using the efficiency of a cross-belt sortation system can streamline the inner works of your warehouse.  This fluid process can keep product moving to and from your warehouse through the supply chain.  Leveraging this speed and efficacy makes employing new manual processes a possibility. With these new systems and methods, products can be replenished quicker and on a larger scale across all size and style options. 

In 2013, shoe store sales reached an all-time high of $29.88 billion.  However with the emergence of e-commerce and companies like Zappos and Amazon, shoppers have more options than ever before.  The optimization and improvement of your supply in order to meet demands and reduce consumer frustration is essential.  A streamlined warehouse operation can keep the sizes and styles your customers want available on shelves and keep them happy and returning.  Barrett Distribution specializes in footwear and retail logistics.  With the Barrett Blueprint ®, a customized plan is implemented to meet these challenges. 

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