Food Product Fulfillment: 3 Ways to Protect Perishables

Food Product Fulfillment: 3 Ways to Protect Perishables

Getting the right product to the right location at the right time is crucial in any type of supply chain.  However it is absolutely critical when it comes to the fulfillment, distribution, and transportation of perishable goods.  Each partner in the supply chain from producers to distributors to retailers needs to have specific inventory strategies to ensure the safety and quality of each item.  Here are three ways to safeguard your perishable food supply chain.

Identify Opportunities to Increase Speed

Time can be one of your worst enemies.  Identifying areas where time is being wasted can allow you to discover new processes or products to streamline the supply chain.  Doing so mitigates any potential risks or delays that can reduce quality and negatively impact the customers experience.

Utilize a “First-In First-Out” Storage Strategy

First-in First-out, or FIFO stock rotation ensures freshness.  Because you are fulfilling an order by picking the first item that was first to be received in the warehouse, everything else will rotate forward, allowing each picked item to be the freshest possible.

Ensure FSMA Regulations are Being Met

The Food Safety Modernization Act is in place, with other regulations to provide a safe environment for the storage and transportation of food.  With a focus on these regulations and by conducing different hazard analyses you can be sure that you are providing the safest and freshest products throughout your supply chain.

These are only a few tips for keeping your perishable products safe as they make their way from the producer to the consumer.  A streamlined, effective supply chain is becoming more important across all industries.  Barrett Distribution Centers is a third party logistics company that specializes in food product fulfillment by designing customized supply chain solutions.

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