Consumer Electronics Truckload Transportation and Fulfillment Trends

Consumer Electronics Truckload Transportation and Fulfillment Trends

One of the most popular product sectors in recent year has been consumer electronics.  The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants showed that Americans spent up to 17% of their monthly mortgage on technology.  With such a demand for these products it’s no wonder that so many new competitors continue to emerge in this market.  It also is not surprising that e-commerce provides an ideal distribution platform for this industry.  With that being said, there are a variety of new trends developing around consumer electronics fulfillment and truckload transportation.  Here are a few.

  • Multiple Channels: Whether you are a traditional brick mortar outlet or an e-commerce store, the number of channels that are being offered to consumers continues to grow. Mobile platforms are the fastest growing. Accurately and efficiently fulfilling orders from these different channels can be challenging.

  • Strategic Distribution Sites: More companies are meeting new consumer demands for cheaper and faster delivery options by opening distribution centers in strategic locations. 3PLs (third party logistics providers) are also a very viable option for companies without an existing supply chain infrastructure.

  • Ship-to-Store & Ship-from-Store: Both of these options leverage the existing infrastructure and inventory at physical stores. Both of these options reduce shipping costs and shipping time. Utilizing in-store inventory and using it to fulfill orders can streamline the entire supply chain. Also reducing truckload transportation expenses by ending the supply chain at a retail outlet versus a doorstep can satisfy consumer delivery demands by having the customer pick up at their convenience, typically at no charge.

In a market driven by technology from every angle these only represent a few of the trends that are impacting the consumer electronics industry from a supply chain perspective.  Barrett Distribution Centers develops customized supply chain solutions for consumer electronic companies as well as e-commerce retailers