Clothing and Apparel Warehousing Modernization

Clothing and Apparel Warehousing Modernization

Infrastructure will always be a major, yet necessary investment for any business.  Nowadays, new technology makes improvements a more efficient and affordable task, but at the end of the day it still requires a large amount of capital and resources.  However, much like you don’t watch the same TV or even the same channels you did 30 years ago, your warehouse shouldn’t operate on decades old design and technology either. 

With the increase in competition as a result of the rise of e-commerce, and subsequent demand from consumers for faster delivery and more shipping options, a new focus on efficiency, accuracy and cost trimming has become more important than ever before.  As technology like WMS, TMS and other logistics software continue to advance and leverage the power of cloud computing, as well as green initiatives that promote sustainability, updating your warehouse technology can offer several competitive advantages.

Whether you are building a new facility or upgrading an existing location, we’ve put together a few trends and ideas on improvements that increase efficiency, accuracy and sustainability.

  • Ceiling Height: In order to maximize cube space, ceilings are becoming higher and higher.

  • Crossdocking Facilities: Crossdocking is gaining in popularity over rear-load or front-load docks.

  • LED Lighting: LED lighting provides a quick return on investment. T5 warehouse lights are fairly inexpensive and provide a great savings on energy.

  • Loading Dock Equipment: Load levelers, dock lamps and other implementations for the loading dock can drastically improve accuracy and production.

  • Voice Activated Order Management: Pick speeds and accuracy can be improved with this easy to implement software.

  • Solar Implementation: Distribution centers use a significant amount of energy. Offsetting those costs with solar panels not only provides a return on investment, but also allows for resources to be allocated elsewhere in addition to increasing the DC’s sustainability.

  • Dock Improvements: Worn out dock fixtures like loading doors and bumpers can reduce efficiency. Updating these elements can increase productivity.

Physical building improvements can create immediate changes in every facet of the distribution process.  These are only a few ideas of how to modernize your warehouse.  Barrett Distribution Centers, with a focus on technology and sustainability creates customized supply chain solutions for the clothing and apparel sector.  Click here for more information on fulfillment and warehousing.