The 3PL Key to Automotive Part Fulfillment Accuracy

The 3PL Key to Automotive Part Fulfillment Accuracy

Meet Suzie Smith.  Suzie was just ticketed by a police officer in Boise, Idaho because the brake light for her SUV was defective. This incident may seem like a simple everyday traffic violation. However, this one isolated scenario can and will create a negative connotation with the car manufacturer’s brand if not corrected. How can something so minor in scope present such an epic dilemma for an organization? It all starts with your fulfillment center operation.

Why did Suzie not have her brake fixed earlier? Suzie took her SUV into the dealership one day earlier to have the defective brake light fixed.  Because the brake light requires certain specifications from the manufacturer, it has to be special ordered by the dealer. Usually, the dealer has them in stock; however, the dealer has been receiving the wrong brake light for this model from its current fulfillment center. Therefore, there was a two day wait on the arrival time.  Suzie, a working mother of two, could not afford to have her car sitting at the dealer for two days. So, Suzie did what most people would do; she drove her SUV for the two days while waiting for the brake light delivery.  Unfortunately, for Suzie her luck did not last.

While this ticket is not directly attributed to the dealership, it is indirectly a result of a deficient automotive part fulfillment process. Suzie doesn’t care about your unreliable fulfillment process, but she does care about her driving record. As a result, when Suzie passes the spot where she was ticketed on her way to work daily, she will always think about why she received a ticket. The subsequent negative thoughts associated with the dealership will perpetually chip away at the overall brand image the company.

This experience will surely have a damaging effect on your customer satisfaction results, service reputation and overall dealer name.  Underestimating the importance of your fulfillment capabilities to your overall operation can be a detrimental mistake.  If you are finding it difficult to get the right parts at the right time, it may be time to consider a 3PL as an expert partner to enhance your automotive part fulfillment accuracy.

Aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) offer products for anything one might need for any vehicle, so there is a proliferation of stock keeping units, or SKUs.  This massive influx of data can pose serious supply chain challenges.  These challenges stem from balancing inventory of high and low turnover parts to accurately delivering needed supplies to shops and customers.  Utilizing a 3PL partner that has an optimized system to pick, pack and ship the right parts at the right time can significantly enhance your service department.

Meeting your customer’s and business’ expectations is a growing challenge.  We understand that Suzie may not know us, but she depends on our timely and accurate delivery just as much as you do. Barrett Distribution will design and craft a customized plan for your automotive logistics needs, and Barrett’s Blueprint Process not only produces a more efficient supply chain but improves a company’s overall business.

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