3 Things Every CEO Should Know About 3PL

3 Things Every CEO Should Know About 3PL

A leadership role in business is exemplified by the ability to see the big picture.  Having the vision to recognize opportunities as well as threats can be the difference between success and failure.  With that in mind, one opportunity that many business leaders overlook is outsourcing their distribution to a 3PL. Here are three things every CEO should know about 3PL:

1.) A 3PL's knowledge and familiarity with your product and market are valuable:  Selecting a fulfillment partner that is experienced with your product type and industry can be a tremendous benefit.  They will already be equipped with the necessary technology and tools to process and deliver your orders.  You also avoid costly learning curves that affect accuracy and quality.

2.) Technology is critical:  According to Cassidy Turley's E-Commerce Imperative, online sales grew by 16.3% in 2012 and are expected to continue to increase at an average rate of 12%-15%.  As technology spurs drastic changes in your industry, partnering with a technologically-savvy 3PL is key.  Everything from their Warehouse Management System (WMS) to the use of cloud computing to share results remotely shows that they can create the efficiency you desire.

3.) Bigger is not always better:  It's important when outsourcing any imperative element of your business that you find a partner who aligns well with your company's culture.  Creating a partnership with the biggest company or the lowest cost provider may create a negative experience not only for you, but also your customers.  Be sure to consider every possible factor.

At Barrett Distribution, our culture of innovation propels continuous improvement of customer satisfaction and ROI while also building rewarding customer, supplier, and employee relationships that only strengthen over time.  Our clients know that their customers will have higher satisfaction, higher service levels, and predictable, reliable operational execution with Barrett.  Develop the efficiency and create the competitive advantages your business needs with Barrett Distributions.

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