Using a 3PL to Enhance Your Customer Service

Using a 3PL to Enhance Your Customer Service

Between a growing array of storefronts and a countless number of website and e-commerce options, consumers have more destinations than ever to find their favorite products.  While some remain loyal to specific retailers, others are searching for the best deal, while others yet are seeking for that initial business to patronize.  In a market where competition seems to be driven by price, there is one major element that the general public feels is being overlooked, customer service.  A study by Defaqto Research shows that 55% of customers would pay more for a product if it meant they received a better experience. 

This opens up a great opportunity for your business to separate itself from the competition in terms of satisfying your customers.  In today’s internet driven world, where more orders are being placed on-line, and customers are more demanding than ever before of how to receive their goods, fulfillment and distribution have become key elements in the customer experience.  In fact, a growing complaint among shoppers is receiving an incorrect order, or receiving it after it was supposed to be delivered.  A Harris Interactive poll showed that 93% of on-line shoppers would not visit a business again after a poor ordering experience. 

The resources your company can leverage from a third party logistics (3PL) partner can create an advantage for your customer service efforts.  Instead of trying to manage and master the exceedingly difficult logistics arena necessary for your industry, let the experts handle it for you.  A Bain and Co. survey shows that a customer is four times as likely to buy from a competitor after a service related issue.  Ordering errors are now the 2nd highest service related issue as ranked by a 2012 Nielsen-McKinsey survey. 

A 3PL can incorporate processes that allow for accurate and timely deliveries to your customers.  They have the capabilities to adapt to new consumer demands and handle a changing product line.  An in-house logistics operation is not only going to require a capital investment as your business evolves; it will also likely suffer from a learning curve that can, and will, cost you customers.  The White House Office of Consumer Affairs shows that it costs six to seven times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one.  That’s a steep price to pay for inaccurate fulfillment services.

As consumers continue to take advantage of technology, demanding more in terms of delivery options, that burden is going to fall on your company to meet them.  By partnering with a 3PL like Barrett Distribution Centers, you can not only meet these expectations, but position your business to exceed them.  Take the next critical step toward positive customer experiences with Barrett.

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