How Mobile is Your 3PL?

How Mobile is Your 3PL?

There is an undeniable pressure on supply chains across all industries to increase efficiencies and lower costs.  The onslaught of new technologies providing consumers with more capabilities and higher demands has made it nearly impossible to abide by the manual processes of yesterday and survive.  The 2013 Third Party Logistics Study done by Penn State University shows that 47% percent of shippers believe that their 3PL can’t offer innovative solutions.  Nearly half of the outsourced fulfillment providers surveyed are having a difficult time creating opportunities to streamline their operations in response to these new demands.  A key place to begin is through mobile, or wireless, technologies within the supply chain.

Implementing new technologies within the distribution center is a vital element to maintain accuracy, effectiveness and to stay ahead of the curve of customer and client needs.  Wireless initiatives also respond to the mounting burden of improving efficiency and lowering distribution costs.  These challenges are offset by enhanced transparency.  Being able to track fuel consumption, labor costs and distribution center activity allows for adjustments to be made and costs to be precisely managed.  Wireless products and applications designed specifically for the logistics and fulfillment industry are the tools that make these improvements possible.

A study by VDC shows that there is a predicted 24% increase in the use of commercial grade mobile devices by 2016.  As the proliferation of technology on the consumer end continues to evolve and become more advanced, the response from fulfillment centers will be crucial in controlling expenses and keeping up with demand.  The application of wireless technology and mobile tools will allow these companies to meet a shipper’s expectations of cost control and innovation, as well as creating proactive processes that create the opportunity to exceed a consumer’s requirements. 

With the expedited information sharing afforded by mobile and wireless technologies, it’s becoming abundantly clear that the traditional manual operations simply can’t achieve the objectives that organizations set today.  Partnering with a company that embraces and leverages technology to control costs, create solutions and exceed client and shipper expectations can dramatically enhance your company’s fulfillment efforts, as well as your bottom line.    

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