Barrett Distribution Centers Reviews Top 5 Solar Integrators

Recent advancements in renewable energy are prompting budget conscious companies to think differently about soaring power bills.  

Barrett Distribution Centers is one of the largest retail distribution companies on the eastern seaboard, and an innovation leader in the industry. Although in a traditionally energy intensive business, Barrett has made a significant investment to mitigate their carbon footprint and climate impact, an important element in Barrett’s “blueprint for success.”

Currently undertaking a major solar panel installation at a key distribution center, Barrett is also finalizing other programs to bring that facility to a net-zero carbon footprint.  This facility will serve as a pilot for Barrett distribution centers around the country.

Solar energy can be an attractive energy alternative, especially with the financing option called power purchase agreements (PPA), which allow some businesses to avoid risk and cash outlay.

Solar technology now makes it possible to reduce your company's carbon footprint, as well as the power bill. Trendsetters in the warehousing industry are decreasing their reliance on the public power grid while remaining connected to it for backup purposes.

Below is Barrett Distribution Centers' review of five solar companies that help businesses reduce utility costs and take a “green” approach to business. The five solar integrator companies are Nexamp, Beaumont Solar Company, Real Goods Solar, American Capital Energy and Munro Distributing.  

In 2006 two friends started NexGen Energy Solutions LLC, which was acquired by Nexamp in 2007. During its relatively young life, Nexamp has worked on more than 175 solar projects including a few "superlatives". For example, in 2008 it was the state of Massachusetts' "largest solar integrator". Two years later it finished the first major solar project for the National Grid. In 2011 it completed the largest private solar project in the state of Massachusetts.

As a renewable energy company, Nexamp helps develop, build, finance, and operate solar projects, whether roof or ground-mounted. They can handle closeouts and interconnections as well as take care of permits. They also help clients finance the project, either by working with a third-party, financing it themselves, owning the project, or through power purchase agreements where the client provides the property where the solar plant will be located and pays for the generated electricity.

Some of Nexamp's projects have included the following: the National Grid New England distribution center; Crooked Spring water treatment facility; the greater Boston Food Bank; General Mills in Methuen, MA; Boston Sand & Gravel; and the Wire Belt Company of America.  Nexamp can help your solar project be successful!


Beaumont has an unusual history. It actually began as a sign company. In 2006 it was purchased by an entrepreneur who had a vision and turned the company into a renewable energy company participating in both wind and solar projects. Beaumont currently consults, designs, and installs energy projects for both commercial and residential purposes.

The company's capabilities include site assessment (including surveying the site and analysis of return on investment), engineering, experience with grants, installation crews, consulting with regards to feasibility and grid tie-in, providing mechanical drawings, and more.

Some of Beumont's projects include the Acushnet Firehouse, Abraham Licoln Elementary School, the City of New Bedford's Department of Public Infrastructure, Kingman Yacht Center, Falmouth Self Storage, Heritage House Hotel, and various residences.


Real Goods Solar has been around for more than three decades, outlasting the common 25-year warranty. In fact, the company was the first in the United States to sell a solar panel retail. Its customers have included well-known entities such as Disney, Yale, the White House, and NASA.

The company was founded by John Schaeffer, who lived in a commune and realized he preferred to have some electrical conveniences rather than living a purely ascetic lifestyle. He used his car to charge a battery which provided enough power for a more enjoyable life. Eventually he got a job in town and began picking up items for others in the commune. He realized that it would be great to have “one store that sold all the products needed for independent, off-the-grid living, and sold them at fair prices”. That is how Real Goods came to be.

The company offers solar energy solutions including development and delivery, financing, and ongoing solar services. They can analyze you site and design a system that is best for it. Using RGS, businesses can participate in a PPA, thus assuming no risk and outlaying no cash in the project. RGS can also help maximize your ROI by maintaining and monitoring your solar power system.

Other items the company prides itself on are that they have installed more than 12,000 systems, offer products made in the United States, and are a profitable public company.

Business sectors in which RGS has worked include affordable housing (St. Louis Housing Authority), agriculture (SunRidge Farms), corporate (Timex), healthcare (Aetna Insurance), non-profits (Shelburne Farms), real estate development (Vista Sunrise Apartments), and retail (Hannaford Supermarket).


American Capital Energy is a solar engineering, procurement and construction contractor and solar developer in the United States.  They help businesses adopt solar power as a viable cost-savings solution and meet renewable energy portfolio standard requirements through strategic partnerships with solar photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturers and experienced installation companies.

Having installed more than 40 MW of solar PV in seven states, their projects include some of the most challenging brownfield installations and largest solar rooftop arrays in the United States.  ACE manages every aspect of solar array construction and integration for its customers.  It offers financial analysis, project financing, system design, procurement, project management, installation, operation training and maintenance. 

ACE has earned a reputation for commissioning projects on time, within budget and that exceed power production expectations.  Visit the ACE website for more information.


Munro works with contractors to help them provide a renewable energy solution to their customers, whether in solar photovotaics, solar thermal, or energy management. They can custom design systems, provide components, survey sites, and help with the incentive and rebate process. The company itself has been around for more than sixty years and provides a variety of clean energy and electrical solutions.

Components they provide include data acquisition devices, racking systems, modules, and inverters. In addition to helping with the generation of electrical power, they can help with solar thermal, providing an alternative way to reduce your costs by heating water using the sun's energy. Their data acquisition devices can help you track how you are wasting electricity, and thus figure out how to reduce your consumption.

Some of the projects they have assisted on include A&J Boat Corp; septage treatment facility; Lighthouse Inn; Cape Code Sea Camps dining hall, pavillion and art building; Fairmount Fruit Farm, two public schools in Newburyport, MA; Cape Cod Cooperative Bank; and various residences.

Munro is a member of SEBANE (the Solar Energy Business Association of New England) and NESEA (Northeast Sustainable Energy Association). Having fitted solar arrays to almost 1,000,000 square of rooftops, they has the experience to help you with your solar power solution.

Barrett Distribution

Most companies would love to reduce costs, our clients included. Placing a solar power system on your property may provide a significant opportunity to reduce operating costs. And when you use renewable energy, you let your customers know that you care about the environment. 

In the meantime, if you need a warehouse management system, specialty fulfillment or a dedicated facility, please contact Barrett Distribution.