Barrett Distribution Centers Named to 2012 GXT Honor Roll

Online PR News- May 23, 2012- Barrett Distribution Centers have been named to the 2012 GXT Green Honor Roll for their significant developments in green warehousing. GXT Green recognized twelve organizations that have made significant sustainability efforts in their companies and in the community. Barrett Distribution was named in the corporate category for their leadership, innovation, and environmental stewardship. The largest project that the order fulfillment service provider has undertaken this year is their solar panel installation. A $2-million photovoltaic system on the company’s Franklin site is expected to go live this coming August to provide more efficient fulfillment services.

“It's always been a concern for us because it's a significant portion of our cost structure,” said Tim Barrett, CEO of Barrett Distribution. He added, “We've been watching the solar panel market for probably about five years and finally got to a point where economically, it made sense for us.”

The project received state funds, and the rest is being financed by debt. Once the system is turned on it will immediately become cash flow positive. Barrett has not only been recognized because of the solar panel project, but also from other green initiatives that have been put in place. The fulfillment center has also installed prismatic skylights, which increase the light that reaches the warehouse floor. Brightness detectors will inform the lighting system if it is sunny or cloudy out and the lighting will adjust accordingly. This will help save electricity, as well as increase worker productivity. These significant investments will help the ecommerce fulfillment center mitigate their carbon footprint and climate impact. Barrett is also discussing other programs that will bring their Franklin facility to a net-zero carbon footprint. This will serve as a pilot for all other Barrett Distribution Centers in the country.

Barrett Distribution designs, builds, implements and executes customized supply chain solutions with a unique approach to warehousing, distribution, and transportation. Barrett Distribution improves quality, financial performance, and enhances our clients' brand loyalty with end customers, through their patented Blueprint™ process. Their supply chain solutions and warehouse services have been proven effective across multiple industries and locations. Locations the fulfillment center serves include major cities in the Northeast, East Coast, Southeast, and West Coast regions. Barrett deploys single and multi-regional solution strategies across the U.S. Barrett's core competencies include warehousing, distribution, transportation, and value-added services.