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Toy Fulfillment: 3 Supply Chain Strategies to Consider

This year over 59% of holiday shoppers will be purchasing toys.  With the average consumer expected to spend about $800, this is a substantial time of the year for toy manufacturers and retailers.  The pressures of keeping costs low while responding to greater delivery demands and options are amplified during the holidays, but need to be addressed year round.  Poor fulfillment can quickly ruin a birthday or special occasion.  To prevent your toys and your brand from being synonymous with disappointment, optimizing your fulfillment operations and supply chain is imperative.  Here are three strategic tips that can keep your supply chain lean, fulfillment accurate and inventory efficient.

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Warehousing Services:  Meeting Increased Consumer Demands

Consumer demands are evolving like never before; and developing technology is meeting, and fueling these demands.  The ability to search, shop, buy from anywhere means that businesses need to be more agile than ever.  One key position in every supply chain is the warehouse, and it is within these walls that the solution to new and expanded consumer demands can be found. 

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Retail Logistics: 3 Ways to Add Value Within Your Supply Chain

Competition across all sectors is higher today than ever before.  The internet and highly sophisticated supply chains have made the world a smaller place meaning that consumers have more new options, and demands on a daily basis.  This continuing trend means that businesses need to find ways to differentiate themselves, and added value remains a top solution to this challenge.  This means the supply chain in any organization has an opportunity to become a competitive advantage by including value-added features. 

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Warehouse Automation: An Investment You Can’t Afford NOT to Make Now

When Facebook went public in 2012 it made a lot of people very wealthy.  The people that built the company were rewarded with shares that would one day make them millionaires, or even billionaires. Missing out on an investment like this could be devastating.  Take Ronald Wayne for example.  Along with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Wayne co-founded Apple and earned a 10% stake in the company.  Two weeks after Apple’s IPO, Wayne sold his shares for $800.  Today those same shares would be worth more than $60 billion.  When it comes to investments timing and commitment are key.  For supply chain and warehouse enhancement, the time is now and the investment is automation.  A recent article in Logistics Viewpoint explains the importance of committing to warehouse automation.  Read more here.

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Health and Beauty Fulfillment: Increasing Supply Chain Visibility

The health and beauty sector is a $64 billion industry in the United States alone.  From big box stores to boutiques, to pharmacies on every corner, and now with the emergence of e-commerce, getting the massive amount of SKUs to where they need to be, when they need to be there is more challenging than ever.  This is why supply chain visibility is so important to success.   Here are three reasons why visibility is so crucial when it comes to health and beauty logistics.

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Sporting Goods Logistics: Making Freight Sustainable

From little leagues to rec leagues to schools to the pros, not to mention, local stores and big box outlets; keeping athletes big and small dressed and equipped to perform their best is no small feat.  While sporting goods are reaching farther and wider than ever before, along with an increased demand from consumers requiring faster and cheaper delivery, a focus on efficiency and sustainability has never been more important.  Taking a new approach from an operational and environmental perspective provides cost savings and increased performance.  Here are three actions that can improve the sustainability of your sporting goods supply chain.

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Supply Chain Technology:  Location Awareness

If you misplace your phone there is an app available to discover which couch cushions it fell between.  If you misremember where you left your keys, there is a device that can beep to help you find them.  If you go to a ballgame and don’t recollect where you parked, your phone can lead right to the parking spot.  For your supply chain, similar technology can help you track and determine when and if a delivery will arrive on schedule.  A recent Logistics Viewpoint article breaks down the growth of location awareness applications.  Read more here.

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Big Data For Automotive Fulfillment: The Six Sigma Effect

People are busier than ever. Any company’s success is largely based on how they fit into their consumer’s bustling schedule.  This boils down to whether you can get your product to where your consumer needs it and most importantly when they want it.  A perfect example of this is the major inconvenience of needing your car repaired.  Whether it’s sitting in the driveway or waiting at the mechanic’s, getting the right parts to the right place is essential. 

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Memphis Warehousing:  Beating the e-Commerce Last Mile Challenge

Over 72 holes of a golf tournament it is quite astounding how the last few strokes can be shaped by the hours and days spent before.  A lost ball here, a penalty there, a long putt when it matters most; while these events can seem insignificant at the time, their impact on Sunday’s leaderboard can be substantial.  E-commerce fulfillment is very similar.  All of the automation, visibility, and supply chain management that goes into fulfilling an order ultimately depends on what happens during that last mile.  While avoiding the water on 18 can be a challenge on the links, last mile delivery can pose a threat to a successful e-commerce supply chain.  Here are a few challenges that remain for last mile delivery.

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Consumer Electronics Fulfillment: LTL Truckload Shipping

The consumer electronics (CE) market hit an all-time high in revenue last year of $211.3 billion, a two percent increase from the previous year. CE is expected to grow again by over one percent this year.  Another exciting trend in this sector is the growth of the role that e-commerce is playing.  In 2012, the e-commerce channel accounted for $49 billion of CE sales.  That number is forecasted to eclipse $108 billion by 2018.  

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3 Ways to Streamline Reverse Logistics [Infographic]

why hire a 3pl company

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Keeping Your Automotive Part Supply Chain Running

The automotive part supply chain is growing and changing rapidly.  From warehousing to fulfillment to transportation, this high velocity sector needs to be well managed from a distribtuion standpoint.  This video explains how to leverage logistics strategies to provide the best service possible.

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